Bold Content How To Customise Your Vimeo Profile

Your Vimeo profile is where you share your personal or business brand with the Vimeo community. Vimeo provides a range of options so that you can customise your Vimeo home page and personalise details. This is very useful for ensuring that your brand on Vimeo is consistent with your other websites / social media profile across the internet.

Here’s how to customise your Vimeo profile:

First you will need to go to your Profile page inside of My Settings. To do this hover your mouse over your profile thumbnail at the top right of the page (you will need to be logged in). Click on the account settings tab.

Vimeo Profile Customization Account Settings

Next click on the profile tab on the top menu bar. This page has a number of options to customise different elements of your Vimeo profile.

How to customize a Vimeo Profile Profile Settings

How to customise your Vimeo URL

Vimeo allows you to have your own customised URL. At Bold Context we use the URL You can choose your own customised URL by scrolling down to the Vimeo URL field. You can then replace the generic numeric Vimeo URL you are initially provided with for a customised URL. These will typically be either your name, brand, or business name.

Customized Vimeo URL

How to customise your Vimeo portrait

Vimeo enables you to customise your Vimeo portrait. This will feature next to your Vimeo user name when you upload any video to Vimeo. It will also feature on your profile page. It’s a good idea to choose a profile image that is eye catching and reflects your personal or business brand. A good portrait image can help your Vimeo videos to stand out when people are searching for content.

To customise your Vimeo portrait image click on the upload button under Portrait.

Upload a profile portrait

Select the image that you want to upload from your computer and then select open. The ideal image size for a portrait image is 600 x 600 pixels as this avoids having to crop your image. You will also need to upload a JPG, PNG or GIF.

You can also use your computer’s webcam to take a new profile photo. To do this select the Take Photo option.

How to delete an existing Vimeo portrait image

To delete an existing Vimeo portrait image simply hover the mouse over the top right hand corner of your image and click the red X button. Before you can delete your profile image you need to have at least one other profile image uploaded.

Delete profile portrait image

How to create a Vimeo Bio

Vimeo allows you to write a personal bio. This is a where you can tell the Vimeo community a bit more about yourself. If you are a business you can describe what your business does and the types of products and services that you offer.

You can also include links from your Vimeo profile to other websites or social media profiles.

You can edit your Vimeo Bio by entering details about yourself into the text field below Your Bio.

Edit a Vimeo bio

How to add links from your Vimeo Profile

Vimeo allows you to include links directly from inside your Vimeo bio. You can also include links just under your Vimeo Bio in the Your Website’s section.

To a web link click on the small + Add a new link button.

+ add a new link

How to setup featured videos

Vimeo allows you to put your best work front and centre with there featured video options. These featured videos will appear on your profile page. You can feature one of your videos as an embed and two videos as a thumbnail. In order to feature a video it must be a video that you created or that you are credited for. It also must be a video which is set to public.

To add a video you enter the Vimeo URL for that video in the appropriate space. You can also start to right the name of your video in the space to search for the appropriate video. To remove an existing featured video hover the mouse over the top right hand corner until the red X appears. Click on this to remove the video.

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