Bold Content Working with Wouu: Filming on a Boat

As January is our Month of Reflection, we look back at the amazing opportunity we had in 2020 working with Wouu.

Around this time last year (before the first lockdown!) we spent the day filming with the lovely people at Lymington Yacht Charters

We were producing a promotional video for retail analytics software provider Wouu, telling the story of a CEO who is purchasing his dream yacht to use in retirement and uses Wouu software to leave customer feedback.

man filming on a boat holding a camera

We took a very expensive Arri Amira camera out on the water and carefully filmed our heroic actor, Stuart Sessions, sailing the boat. Filming on a boat is a completely different experience as you have to be conscious of the horizon line when shooting and ensure that you’re keeping the equipment dry. When you’re at sea, weather conditions and currents can change at any minute so we worked with the experienced skipper to ensure everyone’s safety whilst filming.

We also used a high speed drone which took off from the boat when we were in the middle of The Solent and flew around the yacht to capture sweeping shots as the boat cut through the sea. 

It was an exhilarating day on the open water and I’m very grateful that we were able to capture some wonderful shots for Wouu.  


You can see how we used the footage in the full promotional video here:

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