Bold Content Case Study: Colt Product Portfolio Films

How we captured thirteen interviews across seven countries, during a pandemic, in a cost-efficient manner

At the end of 2020 we worked with Colt Technology Services to create a series of Product Portfolio films. What made these videos unique is that we deployed a style that we like to call – Animated Infographics for Interview.

Our client needed a series of videos explaining their latest tool: a Customer Need Wheel. As this function enables users of the cloud to troubleshoot issues and identify the relevant product solution, we realised that this video needed animated infographics that demonstrate how the wheel can be used by companies to improve their productivity.

As each product was to be introduced by a different member of the Colt team, we wanted to find a dynamic way of presenting the information and not detract from the presenter. We agreed that by incorporating animated infographics into the talking head video, we’d be able to clearly communicate how each product can help clients.

We animated the script with key words and icons in Colt colours to ensure that the style was in keeping with their branding, and added flourishes of motion graphics to make the infographics as dynamic as possible.

One of the challenges we faced was how to capture all the interview material, as we needed to film 13 members of staff across 7 different countries in Europe. With COVID-19 restrictions in place just before Christmas, we had to find an innovative and cost-efficient way to get this user generated footage and ensure that each video was produced to the highest possible standard.

As it wasn’t practical for us to organise filming crews, we set up each presenter with a ring light, teleprompter and a comprehensive filming manual with example photos and videos (at no cost to the client). We also organised group calls and individual calls to walk the presenters through the intricacies of capturing great footage.

Because the presenters were using their own mobile phones to capture the footage, the video quality differed from person to person.  Also, due to the practicalities of filming at home, we had to remove the background on some of the videos and replace it with a neutral gradient colour. However, using animated infographics for interview (A.I.I) meant that we could mask inconsistencies and use a graphical overlay to tie the series together with a coherent visual approach.

Other advantages to using this style are:

  • It grabs people’s attention from the start and distinguishes the content from a standard talking head video.
  • It highlights the most salient points that we want the audience to remember.
  • It has a modern, fresh, dynamic feel to it, which brings the material to life.
  • It works particularly well to create short teaser content with thought provoking statements to be shared on social media.

Our key learning from this activity was how instrumental a video production company is when it comes to maintaining a consistent style over all of the user generated content. By talking to the presenters on the day of filming, we were able to spy framing or focus problems and ask individuals to reshoot whenever necessary.

As we sent equipment to all 13 interviewees simultaneously, we were also able to move quickly and start working on the animations right away, which made this a very time-efficient approach to creating a series of international interview videos.

product portfolio films

Together with the music, we believe that the animated infographics elevated these product portfolio films beyond a standard corporate explainer video by introducing elements of an animated explainer video. By introducing the distinct animations, we were able to demonstrate the products but also maintain viewer interest.

If you’re looking to achieve an international shoot at the moment, let us know. Despite global circumstances, we’ve learnt how to adjust our practices to create exceptional interview videos that are brought to life by A.I.I (animated infographics for interview).

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