Bold Content Dare To Be Bold: 22 October 2021

We celebrate bold content from across the web to inspire marketers and content creators to be fearless.

Bold Content are launching a new e-bulletin called ‘Dare To Be Bold’. We’ll keep it short with just four exciting pieces of content, that to us epitomise the word “bold”. And wow, do we have a line up for you this week! Glitter, monsters, true love and fight club (just your typical Friday night, right?)

Let Life Happen

We start off with an ad that definitely represents brave marketing. Synonymous with British cultural identity, John Lewis has opened their safe, nurturing arms and wrapped them firmly around an idea that normalises themes around trans issues. Brave? Yes! The ‘Let Life Happen’ ad  actually received so many complaints that John Lewis had to take it down.


Next up the talented people at Riff Raff Films have created a warm, comical and thought-provoking piece for Wagamama. Utilising the iconic look reminiscent of 80s monster movies along with early Chewitts adverts,  the ‘Vegamama’ adverts genius is in its subtleties. A big shout out to the use of a slightly detuned musical note towards the end of the score as the Vegamama creature heads back into the ocean evoking a sense of vulnerability and calm alluding to a sentiment of – we’re not perfect but we can do our bit and our bit counts. Very clever!



In other news it was the BFI London Film Fest this week. Amongst the many fantastic features, there were some shorts that particularly piqued my interest because this is the space within which up-and-coming directors experiment and give us a taste of the world of cinema to come. I highly recommend a deep dive into the whole shorts selection for a masterclass in short-form storytelling. I’d recommend starting with animated short ‘Blush’. I’m not crying, you are.



And last, but definitely not least, this week I wanted to throw a spotlight on filmmaker Alex Simpson and in particular her evocative film Dambe. This is a short shot with pure heart, telling a previously largely undocumented story about one of the most fiercely competitive sports on the planet in a manner that strikes to the core. This is a great piece of documentary storytelling with a brilliant score.

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