Bold Content Dare To Be Bold: 5 November 2021

We celebrate bold content from across the web to inspire marketers and content creators.

This week we’re highlighting content that has been inspiring us, nurturing us, and exciting us. What a beautiful thing it is to be working in content creation!

This Job Will Break You

To kick things off the National Advertising Benevolent Society, otherwise known as ‘NABS’ have put out an amazing clip reminding us that above everything, keeping our mental health in check is of the utmost importance. Recently winning a Vimeo Staff Pick, the NABS ‘This Job Will Break You’ clip resonates deep into your soul. Everyone has crappy days driven by relentless bosses and we’ve all found ourselves working away at 2am talking to a singing cracker. Right?



Another standout offering from the BFI London Film Festival was animated documentary Flee. The film follows Amin, on the verge of marrying his husband as he shares his story for the first time about his hidden past of fleeing his country as a refugee. Director Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s use of animation to tell this story is both intricate and delicate and I’m reminded at every turn that we need to be consistently and relentlessly opening our ears and eyes to the stories of those around us and that we must never, ever take for granted the freedoms we have.


The Stalking

In other news, our friends across the pond at the Umault B2B Video Agency, have created an absolute gem for Halloween. This piece not only allows them to show off their production values to the market but also provides a strong message as to the benefits of engagement through video content rather than re-targeted spam marketing. Using classic horror film motifs the piece manages to entertain whilst also subconsciously telling us they are on our side, that they understand us and are here to help. What a clever bunch they are! This is definitely an approach to consider when creating your video content.


Squid Games

Finally, we all know the key to connecting with your audience is by knowing and understanding them. This understanding is ever changing so you really need to keep on your toes. Especially if there’s a 20 foot giant doll with machine gun eyes looking your way. Yes, it’s a Squid Game reference and if you didn’t get it I hope it’s cosy back there under that rock. Knowing the impact this insane and amazing new Netflix series has had on viewers, many major brands have jumped on the bandwagon. The message here is keep your finger on the pulse, know your audience, watch what they watch, stay alert and most importantly don’t lose your marbles.

You can read the article here.

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