Bold Content Dare To Be Bold: 3 December 2021

We celebrate bold content from across the web to inspire marketers and content creators.

If you’ve always dreamed of flying, this week’s newsletter is for you. If you’ve ever contemplated how you can not only sustain waste management but actually create real and true positive change, then this week’s newsletter is also for you.  If you’ve ever wondered if the man behind the big white beard who delivers gifts around the world is actually a gorgeously handsome single man who just wants to be loved then….I’m afraid you’re going to need to get in line because it seems Harry got to him first.

Burberry – Open Spaces

Burberry’s latest offering, Open Spaces comes to us care of RiffRaff films showcasing the work of the incredible Mr Justin Brown, a DOP with whom we had the pleasure of working with on a number of short films a few years ago. Behind the scenes footage (available on YouTube) shows the techniques used to create the flight illusion without the use of CGI and green screen. I feel this provides a great insight into how there are many work arounds to achieve required effects. Think outside the box, make mistakes to find new solutions and at the risk of being repetitive be bold.


Waste Age: What can design do?

Waste Age: What can design do? – the new exhibit running from now up until February 2022 at the Design Museum explores how designers are reimagining waste. As content creators it raises the prospect of not only creating pieces to show how we can help reduce and reuse waste but how we can proactively utilise waste control within the actual production of content. The exhibit  explores how waste can add value. This really made me think about how we can change our mindset towards waste. Waste need not be a chore but can be a positive asset.  Something for us all to explore both within our content and behind the scenes.


Sneakers Unboxed: The Virtual Tour

Another amazing exhibit at the Design Museum was Sneakers Unboxed – Studio to Street. Unfortunately the walk-in exhibit has now finished but fear not you can still do a full virtual tour on Vimeo. Not only does this piece look into all aspects of the universally required and desired sneaker it also highlights the many depths, aspects and layers we can explore and showcase around a small, seemingly somewhat basic object. Don’t underestimate the power of the sneaker and more so the role that strong, articulate video content can play in raising a product to glory.


When Harry Met Santa

To finish up, Norwegian agency POL and B-Reel films deserve all the praise this week with what I’m claiming to be the Christmas commercial of the year. When Harry Met Santa displays sensational content techniques from the ground up. Conceived as a celebration marking 50 years since the Norwegian law that prohibited same sex relations was abolished, this piece shines bright. From sentiment to script to crisp warm seasonal cinematography this is a Christmas commercial to be truly admired.

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