Bold Content Dare to be Bold: 6 May 2022

We celebrate bold content from across the web to inspire marketers and content creators.


Bold Content wins 7 Vega Awards!

Out of 1,500 submissions this year, we are over the moon to land 7 awards for online video at the 2022 Vega Digital Awards, including three Canopus Awards – the highest and most prestigious prize offered by IAA.

Tech She Can Animated Lessons – Education Video Series and Animation Video Series – Canopus (first)

Colt Technology Services CIO Report – Corporate Video – Canopus (first)

Colt Technology Services Partnership Hub – B2B Video – Centauri (second) and Technology Video – Centauri (second)

Colt Technology Services Hybrid Working – Informational Video – Centauri (second) and Corporate Video – Arcturus (third)

This week we’re focusing on promotional videos and how to find the heart within the piece. I challenge you dive deep when creating promotional material. Peel off the layers of the onion bit by bit and until you get the soul of your brand. That is where the interesting content sits. After you read this I challenge you to sit down and ask what the truth is behind your message.


World Wheelchair Rugby – Here to Win

Let’s kick off with ‘Here to Win’ for World Wheelchair Rugby. This promo packs a punch. As a production company we’re obsessed with finding the right story structure and this brilliantly weaved narrative sees the message delivered with a surprise. A training montage set against a stylistically strong strings score drives us to feel inspired as we root for our protagonist. As the transformation nears completion the stakes are high with our hero on his path to victory then BOOM they boldly break us from our mindset and the truth behind the message is revealed. “We’re not here to inspire. We’re here to win”. The truth behind the message is exposed and we’re hit with the surprise of a message more powerful than we’d anticipated.

TAKT – Thank You

Next TAKT have created a piece to say thank you for living sustainably. Another great example of a truth behind a message. As we are well aware, the message of sustainability is important, however it is one that is being shouted (rightfully so) from the rooftops constantly so TAKT have found a way to keep it fresh, unique and entertaining. Why do this? Because as humans we tend to switch off to messages after hearing the same one for a while. We’re quite annoying like that. So thank you TAKT for this gorgeous piece. Cute soundtrack. Quirky narrative. This piece is Wes Anderson meets Greta Thunberg and I am here for it.


Penny – The Wish

Man, I cannot tell you how much I’m loving the content we’ve selected this week! The next brilliant piece was made for German supermarket Penny. Released for Christmas 2021 ‘The Wish’ finds a truth felt by so many, of time and experiences lost during the pandemic. I don’t really want to give away any spoilers but again we have a simple universal message with a narrative that explores it in a new, exciting and challenging way.  The soundtrack, script and cinematography are so flawlessly cohesive you will 100% opt to watch it again straight away.


Johnson & Johnson

Finally another beautiful piece to complete an amazing week of content we have the Johnson and Johnson ‘Take Care of Your Whole Life’ campaign. Ok so maybe it’s just me (it’s not just me) but I needed to see this today. A brand synonymous with babies puts across a gentle, loving reminder that basically at the end of the day we still have that inner child in us. We grow, we mature, we feel different but we are all still that little human who cried for food and who fell from their bike. Again just another truth delivered beautifully from behind a message. Beautifully shot, subtle narrative and heartfelt honesty, compassion and empathy. Just wonderful.

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