Company Values and Culture

Our culture is derived from the enactment of our values. These company values and culture statements have been in place from our inception. They have guided our growth and are directly responsible for our consistently high quality output.

Our Values

Ambitious – We are hard-working and dedicated filmmakers who want to push the boundaries for and on behalf of our clients. We’re passionate about making videos our clients will be proud of: both in terms of creativity and marketing effectiveness. We take pride in a job well done and we’re not satisfied with ‘good enough’.


Bold – We enjoy finding new and creative ways to solve problems. We use video storytelling to realise our client’s marketing goals. We push the boundaries because we want our client’s content to stand out from the crowd.


Trusted Advisors – We are a group of experienced filmmakers who bring our expertise to our clients, with the aim of becoming their trusted advisors. We aim to foster partnerships with our clients that lead to long-term mutually beneficial relationships. We want them to rely on us as if we’re part of their team.


Practical – We are a creative team who enjoy making bespoke videos. We’re confident about getting things done but are never arrogant or egotistical. We pride ourselves on being a team of nice, friendly down-to-earth people who are easy to work with.


Socially Conscious – We make films that matter, by changing perceptions or helping to make the world a better place. We value the opportunity to make films for charities and non-profit organisations that raise awareness of important and socially urgent issues.


Respectful – We respect the ideas of our clients and encourage them to be as creative as possible. We also encourage creativity and open-mindedness within our own team and foster young talent to become the next generation of creative leaders.

Our Culture

Our focus, dedication and collaborative spirit makes Bold Content a great company to work for.

We’re driven to continuously improve our skills as filmmakers.

We’re always learning and pushing ourselves to become more useful to our clients and produce better videos.

We’re ambitious about working on more challenging jobs and telling stories to a wider audience.

We encourage creativity amongst everyone in the team.

We’re hardworking and respect each other’s input and contribution.

We identify and nurture young talent. We train junior staff members to become the next generation of filmmaking talent.

We’re great listeners, so why not have a chat?