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Award-Winning Corporate Video Production in London

If you’re searching for an award winning corporate video production in London then dear reader search no more, for you have happened across the right place. Bold Content is an award winning team of visual storytellers – here to give your brand the bold treatment that it so richly deserves to stand out in a crowded and increasingly competitive market place. If you come to us with a brief, we begin first by familiarising ourselves with your industry, before taking a good look at what your competitors are doing.  Then in most cases, we do the direct opposite! The internet is full of bo-ring corporate videos, littering the web and doing sweet sweet nothing for the brands which they’re there to represent. 

How do you stand out from the crowd? Well, Dare to be Bold of course! Have we won awards? You’re darn right we have. We’ve won Webby Awards, Vimeo Staff Picks, Lens Awards, The Vega Digital Awards, LIT Commercial Awards, London Rocks film festival awards and Brighton Rocks film festival awards. Ready to discuss your next corporate video production London project?

What Types of Corporate Videos Can You Create?

It’s never been a better time to create a corporate video with a corporate video production company in London like Bold Content Video. They’ve never been more readily accessible or most cost effective to produce. The benefits of creating one (or more) for your brand are numerous as it provides a creative route that drives engagement with your target audience to really make them feel something, something that strikes a chord and resonates with them, something that gives them a reason to buy from you over your competitors. We get asked to make all sorts of corporate videos and we always try to do things a little bit differently. Here we look at some of the sorts of things we can do for you; 

  • e-Learning videos 

If you need a corporate video production agency in London who is adept at creating engaging eLearning videos for your business, charity or educational institution then once again, you’re in luck. Bold Content Video produces some of the finest eLearning videos that money can buy. Our e-learning video production content really makes your audience sit up and take notice. 

The most important part of e-Learning corporate video production is to ensure that the end result is concise and interesting for the audience for which it’s intended. For learning retention, interest is absolutely critical. At Bold Content Video we pride ourselves in creating bold, engaging, memorable eLearning content.

  • Interview videos

You need an experienced corporate video production team in London who can make the interviewee feel at ease for your interview video, a corporate video production agency in London who will ask the right questions.  At Bold Content Video production company in London, we’ve filmed a range of interviewees, from celebrities to top business leaders, teachers and students alike – and our team have become specialists in capturing engaging interview content as a result. We specialise in creative interview techniques and provide a comfortable filming environment for our interviewees with helpful and friendly crew members always on hand to give your interview subjects all the support they need. At Bold Content video production in London, we take the time to understand all your key messages and then capture them in your corporate interview video. 

  • Case Study videos   

One of our most popular corporate video services in London is being asked to produce a case study video. Case study videos are predominantly used to show how your firm can meet a particular customer’s need, or effectively solve a problem, scratch that itch – you get the idea. If you’re looking to attract new business and drive revenue then case study videos can be a really powerful tool. They also give you that personal touch rather than something which is purely text based and non engaging. 

  • Recruitment videos

Companies are having to go the extra mile more and more in this competitive landscape in order to attract the best candidates, so a really engaging and creative recruitment video with our corporate video production agencies London is really paramount to the eventual success of a company’s employer value proposition. If you can present your brand in a really compelling way then people will want to work for you, simple as that. Why not do what many of our clients choose to do and continue to communicate with candidates right through the application and then the on-boarding process. Recruitment videos done well can really communicate the culture and innovation behind your brand and give people a sense of what makes you tick, before they’ve even set foot in the building. 

  • Animated explainer videos

We can talk all day about how animation is the best way to communicate a complex product or service offering while making an impact – especially when it comes to explainer videos. Done correctly, an animated explainer video with a corporate video production agency in London, can help make your potential customers understand exactly what it is your product or service has to offer and how it will address a particular problem. Keep the style relatable and the effects on boosting retention and engagement rates will impress even the grumpiest financial controller. Read more on our animated video production.

  • Event videos

If you’re Looking for corporate video services in London for your next corporate event video then you’re in the right place. Events are a fantastic route to being face to face with your target audience and customers so they’re a great place to showcase your products and services while capturing them with an event highlight video. They can be short for social sharing or longer to capture more of the event and focus on the people that attended and how they interact with your brand. Whatever side of the business you want to promote, an event video done in a creative way can pay dividends. 

What are the Benefits of Corporate Video Production London?

A well made corporate video is a fantastic strategic marketing method of showcasing your company profile. Here at Bold content Video, we class ourselves as one of the best corporate video production agencies in London where you can be sure we put our experience of creative storytelling to work in order to create the best possible impression of your brand, increasing your online visibility and helping to boost your sales too. 

Search engine rankings are vastly improved with a corporate video embedded on your website and Google is prioritising websites that feature relevant corporate videos to the search terms people are typing when looking for your product or service. 

Your potential customers are more likely to find you and be engaged on your social channels if you’re utilising comprehensive video storytelling on them and will be far more likely to follow and share your posts as your brand recognition improves, so will your company’s engagement rate. 

All the recent trends suggest embedding corporate videos on your website are a great way to convert an otherwise neutral visitor into a fully signed up customer and this remains the case whether you’re a small business or a large multinational corporation. 

Finally, corporate video production in London is now extremely cost effective and you can have your corporate video production agency edit your initial corporate video down into smaller sections to use as breadcrumb or bite size video content on your social media channels. 

Our Corporate Video Production Process

These are a our key steps we take when going through the corporate video production process:

Bold explaining the process of their Corporate Video Production in London

Why choose us as your Corporate Video Production Company In London, Uk

Wondering why so many happy clients already choose Bold Content Video as their trusted corporate video production agency in London uk? Well for starters we have a huge back catalogue of work going back thirteen plus years. So whatever your sector of business, the odds are we usually have experience of producing video for it! 

Whether that’s promotional videos for the fashion industry, e-Learning videos for healthcare providers, social media videos for pension companies or fundraising video collateral for charities, we’ve pretty much done it all. Our client range is broad and varied from Coca-Cola, Google, McDonalds, Microsoft, AWS, H&M, Natwest, Tommy Hilfiger right down to much smaller SMEs and startups. We keep our website constantly updated with our latest work so be sure to check our portfolio for inspiration on how we can help you too.  

How Quickly can Corporate Video Production Companies in London Create content for me?

As a leading corporate video production agency in London, we know the value of turning video content around for you in good time and we’re set up to be dynamic enough to respond to last minute requests in a quick and timely manner. We have processes in place to take you through the corporate video production content creation process with ease and ensure you get the production you want when you want it. We’ll always say up front if a request isn’t possible as we keep live production schedules that are updated by the minute.

What Does Success Look Like To You?

We’re sure by now you’ll be totally convinced that corporate video production in London is an excellent way to effectively showcase your company’s unique selling points to the largest number of potential and existing customers alike in today’s social media and digital age. Video production is a no-brainer when it comes to the creation of a successful digital marketing campaign designed to generate more website traffic and increase sales and revenue.

Professionally produced corporate videos marketed  in the right ways will create a buzz for your brand or charity and help your business grow.  All the stats suggest users are now spending more time watching videos in the palm of their hands then they’re actually doing by watching television and this mobile video consumption continues to rise by over 100% every year. On top of that, over a billion hours of videos are viewed every day on YouTube, which is  now the second-largest search engine after Google. So my learned friend, the message really couldn’t be clearer. 

Video is now an absolute must and should really form a large part of your digital marketing strategy if you want to create a buzz, or even be noticed at all. You need a professional corporate video production company in London like Bold Content Video who specialise in video marketing to present you, your product, service, brand or charity in the best possible light.

Corporate Video Production in London Testimonial

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