Commonwealth Secretariat

Web 3 Explainer Animations

We created these explainer animations for the Commonwealth Secretariat to help them promote their fintech toolkit. They simplified complex subjects such as Web3, blockchain technology and crypto currencies.

These productions used our typical process which includes, scripting the video, creating the look and style according to client brand guidelines, storyboarding, animating, adding the music, sound effects and voiceover. At each stage of the process we worked collaboratively with our client and their stakeholders to ensure they were happy with the progress of the fintech animation.

We also created three animated eLearning videos, which you can see below, to help commonwealth countries better understand Fintech concepts such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The videos use a mixture of flat design and isometric animation techniques.

If you have any questions or are curious about how animation could help your organisation, please feel free to contact our Animation Producer Hannah on – we love to chat!
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
What is Fintech?
What is Blockchain?

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