Customer Testimonial Video

This emotionally charged testimonial film for Wayhome shows in a real-life setting how their product is helping us to reinvent homeownership for the better.

Wayhome are a financial services company offering an alternative home ownership scheme to traditional mortgages.

Over the last decade we’ve learned that emotional engagement is key to making testimonial videos memorable. For a financial services company like Wayhome it was important for us to capture an authentic story in order for it to be relatable. Modern audiences are increasingly drawn to stories they can relate to, rather than direct sales pitches. That’s why our testimonial videos focus on a narrative, showcasing a journey or a transformation experienced by the customer, because this tends to engage viewers more deeply and effectively. 

“Thank you for all your hard work for us. You and your team have really helped us tell our story here at Wayhome and, more importantly, the stories of our customers.”

Wayhome CEO

“The videos worked extremely well for us and increased conversion rates in our digital marketing efforts.”

Wayhome Marketing Manager

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