Pushing the Boundaries of Documentary Storytelling

Our latest film Drug Runner is an example of how we’re aiming to push the boundaries of documentary storytelling. The film is based on the real life testimony of a man who was a drug runner in his early teens, but it was told as a dramatic reconstruction of his memories. We recently won a coveted Vimeo Staff Pick for our work.

When P.F. Chang asked us to create a corporate video to highlight their restaurant launch, we pushed to also create a version which would appeal to a social media audience. This film uses modern filmmaking techniques and fast-paced editing along with a voiceover which interacts with the subjects.

In the B2B space its rare for brands to use emotional storytelling techniques in their videos. Traditionally they stick to explainer videos to get their message across. We worked with Poq to push the envelope on B2B comms…

This video was Directed by Charlotte Regan who went on to win a 2018 Young Directors Award at Cannes Lions.


When Coca-Cola asked us to create a documentary about a European Entrepreneur school we faced the challenge that the school was not operating during our allotted window for filming. But rather than featuring a series of interviews, we pushed creative boundaries to tell the story of one student by creating a 3D illustrated environment, around footage of him that was filmed against a green screen.  This enabled us to bring to life a world that we could not capture on video, showing him as a child, as a teen and his early days as an entrepreneur.  We mixed this with creatively shot footage of him to create a mixed-media documentary.