Studio Building Services

At Bold Content Video, our team of experts are adept in studio design, construction, and acoustic set ups, boasting years of experience in the industry and serving various markets such as Recording, Post Production, Broadcast, TV and Educational settings. Whether you need a studio for podcasting or video production or music production, we have a solution that will meet your needs. 

We cater to clients in the private, commercial, and public sectors, from individual composers to world-renowned studios, artists, and universities. Whatever the size or sector, we guide our clients from conceptualisation to the completion of every project.

We have a wealth of experience in designing and building studios throughout London and beyond. This means we can help to create a space that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We’ll take into account factors such as the type of sound or video media you’ll be recording, the number of people using the studio and of course, the budget you have to work with.

We handle every aspect of the project, from the initial design and planning stages to the construction and installation of the studio equipment, including everything from acoustical treatments and soundproofing to lighting and electrical work.

Working with you, we’ll create a studio that meets your needs and fits within your budget. We can also help you choose the best equipment for your studio, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck.

Our studio design and build services include

Premises Appraisal and Noise Survey:

We offer advice on the suitability of a client’s intended premises in terms of spatial, structural, and acoustic factors. We also measure and assess ambient noise and vibration levels, and troubleshoot existing acoustic interiors.

Feasibility Studies

We establish appropriate construction methods based on the client’s brief, site conditions, and acoustic isolation requirements. We provide initial sketch layouts and preliminary cost estimates.

Architectural and Acoustic Design

We provide comprehensive design services for architecture, interiors, and acoustics, including lighting design and the integration of technical and air-conditioning services within acoustic interiors. We also specify acoustic materials and proprietary treatment elements as needed.

Statutory Regulations

We handle the processing and obtaining of approvals for Town Planning, Listed Buildings, Building Regulations, regulations specific to educational establishments, fire protection, means of escape and of course, Health and Safety.

Drawings and Presentation

We prepare design drawings, including 3D visualisations and fly-through presentations, as well as production information for the realisation of the project.

Structural Design

We advise on structural alterations and the formation of new openings, providing design and calculation as needed.

Air Conditioning Design

We prepare system performance specifications, system design, and integrate it with the acoustic and interior designs.

Construction and Fit-out

We provide full construction and fit-out services, including air conditioning and electrical services using our own teams.

Our team comprises individuals with extensive audio engineering experience, which allows us to grasp all the many intricacies of studio design. Led by Adam Neale, we are well-versed in the demands of modern video production and have been at the forefront of this field for over a decade. We offer a comprehensive service, from analysing potential buildings and ensuring compliance with regulations, to customising acoustic rooms and studio furnishings according to our clients’ specific needs. Our innovative studio building techniques have not only addressed challenging spaces, but are also budget friendly.

Our process 

A typical project with Bold Content Studio Build services begins with an evaluation by project manager Sam Bevitt. We then go over the client’s basic needs and present various pricing options and services that may be required. 

If the client agrees, we proceed to a site visit with our acoustician, who has extensive knowledge in the technical aspects of studio design. During this visit, we discuss initial layout ideas and gather information about the type of music being produced, the equipment used, and the client’s workflow to optimise our approach to the studio design. A full survey and acoustic viability study may also be necessary to ensure that our high isolation standards can be met. However, we are also willing to work with an architect if the client prefers to hire one.

After gathering all necessary information, we collaborate closely with the client to develop a more detailed design and cost estimate for the project. We provide CAD drawings and 3D renderings using Google SketchUp to give the client a better understanding of the studio’s design. At this stage, we also ask the client to consider any necessary recording studio furniture and audio equipment to ensure proper integration. 

Bold Content can assist with wiring, equipment supply and installation, as well as air conditioning and noise control. We also arrange for fire and security systems, risk assessments, and annual maintenance services. Once the budget is approved and the design and build schedule is agreed upon, construction can begin. 

We have experience working in various environments, including private homes, and are able to adapt to noise and time restrictions. Our team is available to address any issues or changes throughout the project, and our acoustician will conduct a final tuning of the acoustic treatment before completion. After construction, we will test and set up the monitor systems and equipment to ensure the client is fully satisfied with the acoustic performance of their new studio.

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