The Animation Process: Animation

Our animator will take your script, style frames and storyboard and begin creating the animation. An animator’s job is to bring the visuals to life and create dynamic movement that is engaging to watch. Once a first draft is ready, we’ll share it with you for feedback.

Once you’re happy with the animation, we’ll get the script professionally recorded by a voiceover artist who suits the style and tone of your video.

We’ll work with you to find the right voiceover artist for your video.

You may have an actor that you’ve used in the past, or you might like us to give you a shortlist of possible actors. Either way, we’ll make sure that we find an actor that can be the voice of your brand!

Once we’ve made any amendments to the animation, we’ll incorporate the sound design. This includes adding the professionally recorded voiceover, any sound effects and the music that you’d like us to use. Now your video is really coming together!

We’ll send you a final draft of the video and provide you with another opportunity to give feedback. We use online review and approval tools so all your teams can leave feedback directly on the video to be frame specific.

We want you to be 100% happy with the final product. We’ll work hard to ensure the video that matches your needs.