The Animation Process: Storyboards

Once you have signed off on the style of the animation, we’ll storyboard your video. This will be a scene-by-scene breakdown of how the script will be played out visually.

Much like a comic book in structure, each image will depict the action happening in the frame.

Each image will also include a short description of what’s happening visually and any simultaneous voice over.

We usually have two rounds of feedback and amendments at this stage to ensure that you’re happy with the narrative and visual journey.

It’s much better to get any corrections made in the storyboards than it is once they’ve been animated so we encourage you to be as creative as possible in the storyboard phase so we can have fewer amends in the animation phase.

Storyboards may be pencil sketches or they may be a series
of fully illustrated images, much like the style frames. This will depend on the workflow that best suits the particular style and animation techniques we’re using.