Video Pricing Explained

Voiceover Recording

We will provide a selection of voice artists for you to choose from so you can be certain to find an artist that meets your requirements. Please let us know whether you require a male or female voiceover and whether you have any requirements for the tone or style of reading. The quoted price will be reflective of the length of video we’re making.  Although costs vary from artist to artist, we work with a number of preferred suppliers and we quote prices for experienced professionals at cost-effective rates. The rate quoted is for the voice artist to do the recording and supply us with a master audio file.  Editing the file to find the best takes and the time it takes to add the file to the video in the correct place is an extra cost and is usually factored into our editing costs.

Our quote includes online usage, forever, as standard, but we need to know if you decide to use paid promotion such as social media advertising with the video because some voiceover artists charge extra for that. And if the video is intended for broadcast we also need to know because most voice artists charge extra for that. This is known as usage fees.

We can provide voice artists in many different languages.  The cost of these speciality bi-lingual artists can fluctuate a lot more than English artists. Child VOS tend to cost more too. We also provide transcription and translation and quote those services separately.

Please let us know if there are any tricky pronunciations, names or acronyms which need to be pronounced in a certain way.  Live client direction is available at an extra charge. The charge differs depending on the voiceover artist. One round of amends to the voiceover is included in our price as standard. Amendments to the script after a session has finished will be chargeable.


We have a handy guide for how to choose the right voiceover artist here:  12 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Voice Over Artist (VO) For Your Corporate Video