Bold Content 10 Classic Wes Anderson Commercials

Who doesn’t love the work of Award winning writer/director Wes Anderson?

With his fluorescent colours, unique camera movements, and charming dialog his films are a delight to watch.

While he may be best known for whismical films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and Rushmore, Anderson has also had a successful career as a commercial director.

Here are our top 10 commercials from the King of Twee:

1. Oreo ‘Mel’s Mini Mini Mart’ 2014


Mel’s Mini Mini Mart is a piece of art in of itself and screams Wes Anderson all over. The rhyming voice-over is taking you through the story and lets everyone discover what is inside Mel’s Mini Mini Mart.

“The moral remains, its not how you’re build what’s deep inside, that makes us all wonder filled.”

2. Sony Mobile Xperia

A commercial made entirely of imagination, Wes Anderson asked a group of children how they think the new Sony Xperia works. The result is a commercial based. It took 9 custom sets, 37 handcrafted models and over 10,000 man-hours to bring it to life.

3. American Express ‘Wes Anderson – My Card’ 2006

The “My Card” commercial is a sneak peak behind the camera of a typical Wes Anderson movie. The first 20 seconds it seems like you’re watching one of his movies with the typical framing, camera movement and even Anderson regular the actor Jason Schwartzman is there. When Wes calls “cut” the camera turns to him and everyone has questions, he deals with these quickly and is still presenting the American Express card commercial.

4. Hyundai Azera ‘Talk to My Car’ 2012

“Up periscope” says the driver, “roger that Sir” replies the car. This is the message of the Hyundai Azera Talk to My Car commercial. It starts with a family flying in a bright yellow convertible, which then transforms into a submarine, a racecar, and eventually to the new Hyundai Azera.

5. Hyundai Azera ‘Modern Life’ 2012

Set in a chaotic kitchen, a panicking father is trying to cook his kids a meal, while taking instructions through the phone from his wife about the recipe. The comfortable and quiet Hyundai Azera makes this possible. Want to know how? Check out the Oscar nominated commercial by Wes Anderson.

6. Stella Atrois ‘Apartomatic’ 2010

“She is a thing of beauty” and so is this typical Wes Anderson commercial for Stella Atrois. When our hero leaves his fully automated apartment for just second, his lady has changed the layout of the room, has managed to trap herself in the sofa and drafted a perfect glass of Stella Atrois. Our hero can only smile.

7. Prada Candy ‘L’Eau Episode 1’ 2013

A series of three, this time in cooperation with Roman Coppola. Wes Anderson gets a gold star for marketing Prada’s new fragrance. In this first episode two men fall hopelessly in love with Candy.

8. Prada Candy ‘L’Eau Episode 2’ 2013

In the second episode of the Candy L’Eau commercial it’s Candy’s birthday. While the two men argue about dating etiquette Candy is enjoying her cake and invites the men for a dance. Watch the third episode to see the relationship one month later.

9. SoftBank 2008

Filmed in the French countryside, we see Brad Pitt pulling off a yellow costume while he is ordering pastry, helping villagers to get their old-timer started, and ultimately takes a picture on his smartphone of a girl sitting in a field. While I struggle make sense of this commercial it is a joy to watch. Typical Wes Anderson!

10. AT&T ‘Reporter’ 2007

“Your seamless world” commercial is illustrated through this single shot commercial with changing backdrops and props to show the wide range of AT&T’s coverage. As part of a series of three, there is the reporter, the actor and the salesman.

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