Bold Content Behind The Scenes At Outokumpu Experience Event

Bold Content went to Old Billingsgate in London to film the Outokumpu Experience Event 2013. The two-day conference gathered some 700 experts from the stainless steel industry to discuss the use of advanced materials under a new perspective and to learn more about the world leading stainless steel manufacturer, Outokumpu.

Something unique about this experience was that regardless of having their own AV team to film the conference, the company’s internal communications department hired Bold Content because of our specialist experience in creating engaging event videos. They asked us for a promotional video that showed what happened and communicated the key messages of the conference.

While the onsite AV team took care of detailing the conference as a whole, the Bold Content team focused on interviewing the attendants, about their thoughts and experiences on the conference and on Outokumpu as a company.

The result is a fast-paced and engaging event video that captures the atmosphere of the event, presents feedback from customers, and delivers the messages of the conference to the widest possible audience, maximizing marketing spend and proving video once again as a powerful marketing tool.

Check out our video below and see for yourself.

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