Bold Content How Much Does An Event Video Cost?

 If you are planning on having an event video created, then one of your first questions will probably be how much will it cost?

 Event Video Cost

To help answer that question we have put together a guide of the main costs involved.

Size Of The Camera Crew

The main question to answer is how many people you need to film the event and how long will they be on site at the event? It also helps the video production company if they have a really clear understanding of what the final video is intended for. They will base their quote on the number of filmmakers that they have to send and how long they have to be on site for.

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Hours Involved

Another key question is how long is your video going to be and how many videos do you want from the event. Video production companies tend to quote in terms of half-day or full day shoots. Half day is 4 hours and full day is 8 hours. If there are any extra hours on top of that they need to quote accordingly. Usually they tend not to charge extra for unsociable hours because that is just part of the job.

Type And Number Of Cameras

It is usually a relatively simple process to quote for an event video based on the number of shooters. However, depending on the type of job, they might have to take special cameras.

If it’s a conference video, for example, special cameras are needed to record the full speeches of the speakers, which is a very different than recording a “highlights package”. A highlights package usually includes both parts of speakers, short interviews with guests and speakers and film other entertainment at the event all cut together quickly. These videos are usually filmed using DSLR cameras for the HD effect.


Is An AV Crew Required?

It’s really interesting for video production companies to know if there is going to be an AV crew at the event. Quite often if you have an event with speakers on a stage there will be an AV crew who will set up the stage, set up projectors and give people microphones.

Because microphones tend to go through a mixing desk, the video production company can generally take a feed into their audio recorder, so they don’t have to bring their own microphones and can just feed off of the AV-crews’ system.

In this case it is important that the video production company and the AV-company make contact before the event to ensure that they have the correct equipment to connect their equipment.

However, if there is no AV department the video production company needs to know how many speakers are going to be there, and whether they need to mic them up?


For editing it depends entirely on the length and the desired outcome, quite often the longer a video is doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more expensive. If it’s a multiple camera shoot and they want an hour of video then editing between the various cameras is relatively easy, so you wouldn’t necessarily end up with an increased cost because of the extra length.

If you are doing an event video that’s a highlight package you will tend to have lots of rapid cuts and you want it timed to the music and you want it to be thoroughly thought through. In order to make sure you get the best material from the whole day it can take as long to edit a 1-min video as it can to edit a 1-hour video.

Text on screen and graphics

Another thing to consider is on screen texts; this has an impact on the cost of the video production. On screen, text is something that takes a while to do if you want it to look really good, and that should always be your aim.

So if cost is a greater consideration than anything else you might want to think about not having any on-screen text or graphics. However, if you want great quality for your event videos then on screen graphics, colourful transitions, and animated logos can really add an element of quality to any production.

Want To Know Exactly How Much Your Event Video Will Cost?

These are all sorts of thoughts and questions that video production companies might have for the organizer, but generally, they can be sorted out in an initial phone call.

If you have any questions about the costs involved for your event video, why not call us on 0203 637 1467 or use our contact form. We will then be able to provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your event video.

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