Bold Content 4 Tips For Getting More Exposure For Your Charity Video

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

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Your cause is important and deserves exposure. But, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience can be challenging.

Creating an impactful, persuasive charity video is only the first step. Why? Because the competition for eyeballs increases each day. Every minute over one hundred hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube alone.

If you want to stand out then you need a plan to market your video. Here are 4 tips to help you get started with more exposure for your charity video.

#1 Link Up With Relevant Fanpages and Pinterest Boards

Finding Facebook Fanpages and Pinterest Boards which are already focusing on the same issue as your video. Ask the owner of the fanpage or the board if they would consider adding your video. This is a fast way of tapping into an in-built audience who is likely to be sympathetic to your video.

#2 Reach Out To Bloggers

Locate bloggers that discuss topics related to your charity’s cause. Then ask them if they would mention the video on their blog. It can be helpful if you provide a short summation of the videos content so that it is easier for the blogger to share the video on their site.

This strategy is also more effective if you have a pre-existing relationship with the blogger. Leading up to the launch of the video become an active participant on that blog. This can include making regular comments or tweeting a link to content from that blogger’s site. By building awareness of who you are and contributing to the blog’s success, the blogger will be more inclined to accept your request.

One of the great things about posting your charity video to a website like YouTube is that it makes sharing that video much easier. To add a YouTube video to a website you simply need to copy and paste the HTML embed code. You can find this by clicking on the Share button. Here is an example from a video we produced for the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

akshaya patra

And here you can watch the video which I have embeded using the same code…

If you have a good relationship with the blogger you could ask to contribute a guest post. Here you can discuss in more detail the campaign the video – its aims and who it will help. In your author byline you can recommend that the readers look at the video to find out more information and add a link.

#3 Ensure That The Video Is Optimized For Search

One of the easiest ways to get more people looking at your video is to optimize for search phrases that people are already using. Using the free Google Keyword Planner tool to find topics that people are searching for.

For example, if you have created a video which highlights the importance of securing a healthy water supply then you may want to target a keyword like “Water Security”. As we can see below from the keyword planner below 1,300 people a month are searching for the keyword phrase “Water Security”.

water security

If you were adding the video to YouTube you should aim to include the keyword in 3 places. These are:

Title – The title of your video on YouTube should be primarily be written for the reader. However, if possible it is a good idea to include the main keyword you are targeting.

Description – Try to place the keyword (and appropriate variations) you are trying to target with the keyword. Aim to include the keyword 2 to 3 times spaced through out the description.

Tags – YouTube allows you to add tags for the videos the keywords that you are targeting. Add the keyword you are targeting – again with appropriate variations – in this section.

#4 Ask Your Own Network To Distribute It

Finally make sure you tap into the power of your personal network to promote your charity video. Ask your employees, volunteers and partners to share your content. Once you have posted your video, either to your website or Youtube, ask people in this network to socially share it.

That could be a Facebook like, a tweet, embedding it on their personal blog or emailing it to friends & family. People are more likely to be favorably inclined to a video that is recommended by someone that they already know and trust.

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