Charity video production

Our video production service will ensure that your charity’s message receives the attention that it deserves.

Charity video production is a great way of explaining your campaign in an engaging way for your audience, we can help you all the way from concept development through to marketing and distributing your video.

We offer a highly creative and cost-effective solution for you to target a mass audience of potential donors. We work around your budget and find the best solution for your needs.

We have worked closely with a broad range of charities to meet their video production needs. Among the charities that we have had the privilege of working with include the Prince’s Trust, Action for Children, Contact the Elderly and CALM.

A high-quality, well thought through video is one of the best ways to meet a range of objectives for your charity. Video can be used to increase awareness; either for the work that you do or for a specific fundraising effort. Video is also perfect for making information more accessible to audiences that may otherwise have difficulty consuming it.

A charity event video we created for The Prince’s Trust.

They were able to help us communicate a number of complicated concepts, ideas and statistics in a short period of time.

Policy Manager, Action for Children


Our clients

Bold Content Video have experience creating videos for a wide range of charities. We’ve had the privilege of working with leading organisations such as The Prince’s Trust and innovative charities such as CALM.

A results driven approach to all our charity videos, from animations through to fundraising films.

While you probably already have a good understanding of who your video needs to reach, we can help you to laser target that audience and ensure that your charity video achieves the maximum effect. We understand that importance of creating charity videos which truly resonate with your target audience. Our team will perform the research required to ensure that your video has the right look and feel to appeal to your audience.

Our charity video production services are surprisingly cost-effective and so you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your budget.

A charity explainer film we created for Contact the Elderly.