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The Prince’s Trust is a UK charity founded by Charles, Prince of Wales, and Frederick John Pervin to help young people aged 13 to 30 get into jobs, education and training.

The Brief

Prince’s Trust latest celebrity ambassador is heavyweight boxing champion David Haye. To highlight this partnership we filmed Haye speaking to a group of young people at his private gym in South London.

We wanted to film the video in very much a documentary style. We combined this with a lot of creative cutaways and close-ups that you probably won’t find in a standard documentary.
David was a fantastic subject for the video. He is a very natural, down to earth guy. This come across brilliantly in the video because we could capture him chatting with the young people in a very impromptu way. These conversations turned into an informal Q & A session.
We were able to get some great wide shots which enabled us in the edit to remove unwanted material without having to use jump cuts which can be distracting for the audience. In the final edit we were able to alternate between low and high angles to good effect, as well as cutting to the young people as they posed questions. In addition to the different cameras we had shooting the event we also had a dedicated sound person which helped ensure high quality sound.

The David Haye videos will be used on Prince’s Trust website and on their social media channels. The young people that participated in the David Haye event were very engaged with the process. There were some real boxing fans among those who attended and so for them it was something of a dream come true.

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