Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service is an organisation that provides free-of-charge advice on money and financial decisions to people in the United Kingdom.

The Brief

The Money Advice Service wanted to make an exciting and fast paced video to be used internally to promote future Hackathons to their employees

Hackathon Event Video

It was a event that had groups in different rooms, so it was a team effort to capture all the action that was going on. We had 4 cameras running at once, often working in pairs so that we could get a wide and a tighter angle of the action unfolding at any given time. This meant we needed to have lots of cameras and lens choices. We some high level cameras such as F55 and Fs7 with cine primes, being used in conjunction with smaller more mobile cameras such as a7s cameras which allowed us to get interesting shots such as mounted at high angles which bigger cameras couldn’t get to, and on a gimbal system which allowed us to get nice moving and tracking shots.

As this hackathon event had various stages throughout the day you want to make sure you get good content from each part, you don’t want to spend all the time getting 1 or 2 of the sessions and then find you cannot tell the story of the day. Like any film there is a beginning middle and end, if you don’t capture enough of each then your edit will be a whole lot harder. Further to this you want to make sure your angles are varied so that the editors can be creative whether its whip pans, speed ramps of match cuts.

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