Bold Content CASE STUDY – Filtered

The Brief

Filtered wanted a video which would clearly and quickly explain their value proposition. Filtered is web based software company which offers online training for the Microsoft Office suite. Their unique value proposition is that they assess student’s current knowledge to filter out what they already know. This allows them to deliver a customized learning program for their students.

The Process

Filtered came to us with a broad vision for the video. It video needed to be engaging, while explaining what Filtered does and its key benefits. They also the wanted the video to be fast paced and to use their corporate colours.

We worked with the client to define the buyer persona for their video. Through consultation and research we determined that the buyer persona was a HR manager, technically savvy and generally from 30’s to 40’s in age. With this in mind we worked to develop a script which would both appeal to this buyer persona and explain the key benefits of Filtered. We wanted a video which would be succinct, short and would communicate their USP clearly.

We also wanted the primary character in the video to be aspirational in nature. Filtered is a youthful, tech brand and we wanted the main character to have that same trendy feel. Once we had the first draft and the client had submitted their suggestions we were able to move to storyboarding.

While we would normally provide storyboarding in-house, in this case the client had enough artistic talent to provide their own storyboard. Filtered did an outstanding job of storyboarding the video which gave us a strong direction for the animated video. We then refined the script and once both ourselves and Filtered were completely satisfied the script was locked.

We then moved to putting the storyboard onto a timeline using an editing suite. We put a temporary voice over to see how the piece would flow together and how long the video would be. We then gave Filtered a selection of voice over artists for them to choose from. Once they had selected a voice over artist, we provided guidance on tone, intonation, and help with any complex pronunciations.

With the completed voice over added to the time line we then provided Filtered with a selection of music tracks to choose from. While this was taking place our in-house animator was finishing the animated video. Lastly the sound effects were added in and the final video was delivered to Filtered.

The Video

You can watch the finished animated video for Filtered here:

Filtered from Bold Content.

The End Result

This explainer video is now featured on Filtered’s website where it provides a clear explanation of how Filtered works and why people should use it.

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