Bold Content Animated Marketing Videos: 5 Popular Types of Animated Marketing Videos

Animated Marketing Videos

Adding animated marketing videos is one of the best investments that you can make in your website. According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior managers prefer to watch a video over reading a text. And 45% said that they had contacted the vendor after watching the video.

While deciding to invest in an animated marketing video is a great decision, choosing what type of animated video to create can be a more challenging question. The range of ways you can use animation to present your marketing message is part of its appeal. Unfortunately, it can also make it difficult to decide to choose between them. Here you can find five examples of the most popular styles of animated marketing video.

3D Animation – City of London

3D animation uses computer generation images in order to create animated scenes. 3D animation can produce highly realistic looking scenes with a real sense of depth. One of the biggest advantages of 3D animation is the ability to show movement. Through 3D animation, you can explore a particular space. This is why 3D animation has proven very popular for medical videos where the viewer can explore how a particular part of the anatomy functions.

The disadvantage of 3D animation is that can be more time consuming and expensive than 2D animation. Also, if 3D animation is not carefully planned then the visual elements can overwhelm the viewer and detract from the message.

The video featured here was produced for the City of London for their report on how local markets develop into global hubs. We used 3D animation as part of this video to graphically represent the growth of the city. The video demonstrates how 3D animated marketing videos can quickly show a concept with a single compelling visual image.

2D Animation – Action for Children

2D animation is the most popular way of producing animation. In general, the complexity in terms of artwork and production is less for a 2D animation than a 3D animated marketing videos. This means that they can be produced faster and at a lower cost than 2D animation. If you are on a more limited budget but still want to deliver something that looks great then 2D animation is an excellent choice. For marketing purposes, the simplicity of 2D animated marketing videos often works in its favour. 2D animation allows a business to explain its services or products in a short and simple way.

Mixed Live Action / Animation – Bluehat Mobile App

The purpose of this video was to demonstrate Event Company’s Blue Hat’s new mobile application. This mobile app allows exploring the city in a competitive “treasure hunt”. To demonstrate this, along with the apps key features, we used a mixture of live action and animation. This allowed us to deliver a compelling, fast-paced and technologically sophisticated video. Mixed live action and animation have many of the advantages of both live action. Live action allows the video to be filmed in a relatively short period of time. The animation of enables us to illustrate features and benefits of the product which otherwise would be difficult to show on-screen.

Animated Marketing Video

Animated Marketing Video

Infographic – Dash For Gold

The Dash For Gold animated marketing video was used to show an innovative app which can be used to predict the results of Olympic results. In recent years infographics have proven a very popular way to deliver a large amount of information in an interesting way. Infographics combine images and colour in order to attract the eye of the viewer. One of the benefits of infographics is that they enable the reader to scan the material quickly. The ability to use consistent colours and shapes, alongside the businesses logos, enables them to increase brand awareness. Infographics videos have these same advantages but allow you to deliver the information in an even faster paced and more compelling way. For Dash for Gold we wanted to deliver a large amount of information and so an animated infographic was ideal.

Explainer Video – Filtered

Filtered is a web-based solution which provides online training for the Microsoft Office Suite. What makes Filtered unique is that the software can evaluate the current knowledge of what they already know. Filtered wanted to produce a video which reflected the aspiration, youthful and tech-focused nature of their software. Explainer videos are perfect for complex products enabling the viewer to understand the value in a fun and compact way. Having an explainer video can also have a significant effect on conversion rates. According to Internet Retailer, people who view a video about a product are 85% more likely to buy.