Bold Content 4 Innovative Event Video Filming Techniques

Event video are a fantastic way to expose your event video to audiences beyond those who can attend. But, how can you make your event video stand out from the crowd and really grab attention? To find the answer we talked to Adam Neale, MD at Bold Content, about what he viewed as the most important new developments in event video production. Here you can find four innovative new video filming techniques that can make your event video even more compelling.

#1 Cable Cam

One of the new techniques available to video producers is the use of a cable cam. This can be used to fantastic effects on event videos. The cable cam is a platform which is strung between two wires or ropes that go across the length of a room. If you fix it near the ceiling then the cable cam can pull itself along the wires over the heads of everybody at your event and if the camera is facing downwards you can take a timelapse shot of the event taking place beneath.

You can also use it to the fantastic effect to capture the event through out the day. For example if you were filming in a large hall, you could capture people arrving in the morning, setting everything up, all of the people flooding in, the event taking place, and even the packing down of the equipment, all in one shot.

This could be filmed over the course of a 12 hour-day. If you know the the length of the event and enter the settings correctly on the cable cam, then it will pull itself along the room over the course of the 12 hours and you will see a brilliant shot going from one side of the room to the other, watching as the event appears, takes places and disappears below you.

#2 Hyperlapse

Another technique that we are really interested in at Bold Content, is the hyperlapse or flow motion style of film making. In a similar concept to the cable cam, hyperlapsing is when you move a camera ever so slightly over a specific distance and each time you move the camera you take a photo. When you stitch them all together it creates this moving timelapse. These can make event videos look absolutely fantastic.

One of the reasons why they can look so good is because you are using high quality photography instead of moving video to capture the images. With photography you get a much higher resolution on the image and you can also pack a lot more data in there. You can film in raw data which allows you huge amounts of possibilities in the post-production process to manipulate those photos and make them look as stunning.

#3 Hand-held camera stablization systems

You can also use hand-held camera stabilization systems, such as the MOVI. This is a fantastic piece of equipment that allows you to gain smooth, SteadiCam-esque shots that look really smooth and flowing as you travel through the event that you are filming.

#4 Drone / UAVs

Another piece of equipment that can make an event look absolutely fantastic is a drone helicopter or a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). These drones have small cameras attached to the bottom of them and can be used on events if they are held outside. You can fly above the event taking place and capture the set-up or the pack down or even the event taking place itself. There are safety and health implications to be aware of when thinking about using drones, but if they are used in the right way then you can capture some incredibly, stunning footage.



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