Should Fintech Brands Produce Cinematic Interviews?

Should Fintech Brands Produce Cinematic Interviews?   Boring ‘talking heads’ are a thing of the past! Fintech brands are finding different and more exciting ways to deliver factual information. Is it time for you to rethink how you engage your viewers?... Read More
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What is Colour Grading?

Ever noticed that a video has a certain colour palette, appears saturated, or is particularly moody? Have you ever wondered why that is, or how it ends up looking the way it does? We talk to our editor Lindsey about colour grading and why it’s an essential... Read More


Influential Female Filmmakers

At Bold Content, we’re a team of film nerds who love and celebrate cinema and we occasionally blog about topics that are close to our heart. In this post, we’re going to be discussing a concept that we like to champion…getting more women into creative roles in the... Read More