Bold Content How to Keep Creative Ideas Fresh and Innovative within a Corporate Environment

When a video production company are tasked with creating a series of videos for a client, one of the challenges they will face is how to keep the videos fresh and innovative whilst also retaining a strong brand identity. This will undoubtedly ring true for photographers, graphic designers, web designers and digital agencies alike.
Here are some hints and tips based on our experience of working with corporate clients across a video series.
To keep our work innovative we look at what other people are doing and borrow from their ideas, expand upon them and make them our own. Working in the corporate video sector means that you have to keep your client’s ultimate goal in mind, whether that is branding, lead generation, showing off a product or demonstrating a service, so it’s not always easy to bring in all the creative ideas that you want to try, however we find it really useful to have a repository of influences that we can draw upon when the right brief lands in our inbox.
One of the ways that we do this is by using This is a fantastic video sharing platform and the staff pics highlight the best work that has recently been uploaded. We constantly monitor this stream of videos to find the most creative techniques for filming and animation. There are some real gems to be found every week and the inspirational work uploaded by the community constantly enthuses us to push our creative boundaries.
We also look at other creative websites and blogs, storing images and links on our shared server for the whole team to draw influence from., mofilm, Behance and are all great places to find influence for your next video.
Documentaries are a constantly evolving genre and we’re keen to keep abreast of the latest innovations so it will influence our storytelling. We have found that film festivals are a great place to source the most innovative documentary ideas and to find links to online portals showcasing interactive films. The Toronto International Film Festival is a firm favourite for sourcing exciting new work from talented new directors. London, Edinburgh and Berlin also have amazing film festivals that are a constant source of inspiration.


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Having a team of people who are passionate about creativity really helps as the sharing of ideas and techniques happens naturally. If you have a friendship group, support network, colleagues or even a LinkedIn group who readily share ideas and thought leadership then you will find the best new videos / photos / graphics etc. will hit your inbox or social media feed naturally.
Regular brainstorming is a great way to encourage the whole team to pitch in with any thoughts or ideas, no matter how crazy. By letting the whole team know that new creative ideas are encouraged, they will not be shy in highlighting videos that they find compelling and techniques that they want to try.
One of our favourite sources of inspiration actually comes from within our team. We regularly take on interns and encourage them to share creative ideas with us. We have found that young people, plugged into the latest developments in social media have a far greater insight into the latest developments than the blog of any self proclaimed social media guru. They often share innovative new ideas from the social media sphere and we allow them the time to nurture and develop those ideas into reality. Turning to the latest generation of digital media users will undoubtedly lead to surprising and inventive ideas.
Social media its self is a great way to keep on top of the latest developments and following the right people on Twitter and Facebook can offer some gems of inspiration. Our tips for people to follow within the video sphere are: Phillip Bloom, Vincent LaForet, and Devin Graham.
Amongst the mountains of video uploaded every second, YouTube also offers a good way to aggregate content that resonates with viewers. It may not always be the most creative in terms of filming techniques but it’s essential that anyone involved in the video creation process is aware of the kind of ideas that audiences will like and share. The #PopularOnYouTube feed will offer up endless examples of content that has resonated with a mass audience.
Watching behind the scenes videos and tutorials are a great place for video production professionals to learn new techniques. They should be encouraged to regularly take online courses and be given time to expand their creative horizons. Tutorial sites we love are: film riot, &
All of these techniques can be drawn upon to keep creative ideas looking fresh and innovative. It’s important to thoroughly understand branding to ensure that work remains consistent with the brand’s approach, but audiences will soon become despondent if all videos look and sound the same so hopefully the above tips will help your branded content remain fresh, exciting, and engaging to your target market.


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