Bold Content 3 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Snapchat Ads

How much of an impact can a 10 second video advertisement have on Snapchat’s 100 million+ users? Over the next couple of months, some advertisers are going to find out.

Recently, Snapchat debuted a new native video ad product called 3V. 3V advertising places 10 second ads into snapchat stories, or a collection of videos and pictures that different members of a community submit to Snapchat. Everyone in that community would then be able to see the story. For example there is a London snapstory that everyone in London could submit to and watch. Although some people are sceptical about the power of a 10 second ad, many companies have realized the power that Snapchat holds as a mode for advertising.

Here are 3 reasons why more companies should be investing in Snapchat Ads:

1. Snapchat is an Active app

A strong draw for advertisers is that Snapchat is a completely active app. Users have to hold down/tap down on the screen to view snapchats or snap stories, and companies can therefore be certain that their advertisements have been seen by their intended audience. Snapchat also places its ads into the middle of their stories, instead of the beginning. This change in placement means that more people end up watching the ads because they do not come at an expected time, and most of the people watching the snapstories want to reach the end of the story. This is also very good for companies because people are actively ingesting the information that is in the snapstory, because they are usually completely focused on their phone screen instead of multitasking.


2. Snapchat has a Millennial Base


snap graph

Snapchat is also a platform that is loved by a large amount of young people, all around the world. There are nearly 100 million daily active snapchatters from around the world and that number is continually growing. In 2014 Snapchat grew 67% faster than its competitors. Snapchat is also a very powerful app because its users are mainly between 18-34, dubbed millennials. (Snapchat states that 60% of its users are millennials.) Many brands have an intended audience of millennials, and are therefore already investing in snap story ad placements.

3. Snapchat is the New “Cool” App

Snapchat is an up and coming platform, compared to, say, Facebook. Snapchat is seen as a platform for younger people, which poses a compelling offer for advertisers because they are traditionally a tricky audience to engage with authentically.  More and more millennials are going to jump onto the ‘Snapchat bandwagon’ so they can join the conversation on the app that many of their friends are already on, and if brands are naturally part of the story then they can engage on a level that seems genuine. Companies who are aiming to reach millennials should look into Snapchat as a new, fun way to advertise but the trick will be in creating content that sits naturally as part of the story and adds value to their Snapchat user experience.  

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