Bold Content Poland Leader Sports Animator Case Study

The Project

Leader Sports Animator is a Polish financial grants program for local sports programmes supported by Coca-Cola. Our brief was to produce a series of short video documentaries of an inter-generational kayaking trip which is part of the Leader Sports Animator initiative. This trip brought together a mature generation in their 70s and 80s who had been kayaking for many years with younger inexperienced kayakers in their teens.

Leader Sports Animator Poland Documentary

The Production Process

The idea was to kayak together and bridge the gap between these two generations as they went up the river. We really wanted to emphasize the movement of the kayak and grandeur of the river. To that end we used lots of rigging and cameras. This included using drone footage sweeping across the river, tracking the kayakers up and down the river, and over and under bridges.

To emphasize their journey we used a movi, which is a steady cam technique, to create smooth movements to track alongside from the shore. The camera man was able to get in the river to really bring the viewer into the action using a wide angle lens. We also used Go-Pro within the boats to capture point of view shots and some interesting perspectives.

We intercut this with talking head interviews which we filmed along the river and also at the camps where the kayakers were staying on the nights. For these interviews we were able to feature some great locations river, bridges and bonfires. The idea was to intercut the interviews with footage from the kayakers which. This enabled us to tell the story both visually and through the interviews.

This documentary also provided us with the opportunity to include some cinematic techniques including, occlusion and parallax, to create the feeling of movements and dynamism.This brought a 3D feeling to the 2D frame of the screen. Once we were in post-production we used feature film level grading technique and equipment to push the images to their maximum potential reinforcing the beautiful scenes we found along the river in Poland.

The End Result

Meeting milestones and deadlines for the Coca-Cola projects has been essential in order to integrate with their own marketing calendar. It has also necessitated that we respond quickly to meet changes in their marketing strategies. For example, in the case of Olympic Moves video project Coca-Cola decided to make a last minute change to release the video in three different language markets (Netherlands, Austrian and English). This required us to produce multiple language versions of the video on a very tight schedule.

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