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5 Great Examples of Corporate Documentary

Having a documentary commissioned is a great way to get your brand recognised and expand your potential consumer base. There are multiple ways to go about creating your piece: you could feature employees or executives, founders or consumers. You could showcase your... Read More
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How to Write a Brief for a Corporate Documentary

So, you’ve decided to make a corporate documentary. You’re planning to commission this project out to a film company, but you want to make sure they create something that is truly your vision for your company. How do you convey your ideas and expectations? This... Read More
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How to Research a Corporate History Video

The corporate documentary is a growing form of advertising and marketing for businesses in the digital age. A sub-genre of this concept is the corporate history video. Specifically, this type of documentary explores the foundation of your company: how it was started,... Read More
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Coca-Cola Active Healthy Living CSR Videos [CASE STUDY]

We have a long term relationship with Coca-Cola promoting their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. This has provided us with the opportunity to film across the globe, including Asia, Africa and the America’s. This has seen us document everything from... Read More