Bold Content Highlights From The 2015 B2B Video Content Marketing Survey

73% of B2B marketers say that video has positively impacted their marketing results.

This is just one of the findings from the 2015 B2B Video Content Marketing Survey. This year’s survey describes an industry in flux, with most B2B marketers using video as part of their content marketing but with significant challenges in the form of time and measuring return on investment (ROI). Below we have summarized some of the findings from the survey that we found to be the most interesting.

What is the B2B Video Content Marketing Survey?

The B2B Video Content Marketing Survey conducted by Reel SEO, Flimp Media and the Web Video Marketing Council is in its fourth year. The survey consists of 25 questions on video marketing related topics gathered using SurveyMonkey. This year’s study was completed by 350 business and marketing professionals.

Who Participated In The B2B Video Content Marketing Survey?

Of the 350 people surveyed 70% worked for B2B companies, 20% for B2B marketing agencies and the remaining 10% worked for non-profit and educational organizations. 65% of those surveyed work in a managerial capacity and 94% are involved in the decision-making process in their organization.

Key Findings From The B2B Video Content Marketing Survey

96% of B2B organizations are already using video as part of their content marketing

It seems that B2B organizations need little further convincing of the benefits of using video as part of their content marketing. Virtually, everyone who participated in their survey said that they were already using video. This is perhaps not that surprising when you consider that…

73% stated that video had positively impacted their marketing results

The vast majority of those surveyed said that video had a positive result on their marketing. In fact, only 12% felt that video had little or no impact on their results.

56% said that video had positively impacted their sales

One of the most important measurements of whether a video marketing strategy is successful is whether it helps to generate revenue. That’s why it’s good news that 56% said that video had positively impact sales.B2B Video Content Marketing Survey

44% stated that the biggest challenge was measuring the ROI of their video marketing investment

While the general consensus is that video does positively impact marketing and sales, analysis and proving ROI continues to be challenge for many B2B companies. While analytics have becoming progressively more sophisticated there still seems to be issues across organizations in making the best use of the tools available or applying them to their specific content marketing campaigns.

37% stated that lack of in-house video marketing talent was one of the biggest constraints

More that a third of B2B organizations stated that one of the most significant challenges that they faced in producing video was the lack of in-house video production talent. In order to meet their video marketing goals more organizations will need to shift to outsourcing to a specialist video production company.

13% of B2B organizations spend more than $50k on video production a year

As noted above the vast majority of companies are using video as part of their content marketing. But, there does appear to be a problem of under investment for video. Only 13% of organizations are spending more than $50,000 a year on video. Of equal concern is that 36% do not have a set budget for video production at all. Read more on B2B Video Production.

41% of organizations plan to increase their video marketing budgets next year

While there is arguably currently an under investment in video marketing, that situation may improve over the coming year. 41% of B2B organizations plan to increase their spending on video marketing next year. Only 7% are planning on decreasing their video marketing spend.

66% of respondents survey optimize for video on YouTube

The importance of optimizing for YouTube appears to be well understood. Fully, two-thirds of respondents said that they used YouTube SEO when uploading videos for the video sharing site. That said, 25% of B2B organizations are not performing any optimization at all.

This year’s B2B Video Marketing Survey paints a mixed picture of the industry in 2015. Video is already being used by virtually all B2B organizations. What’s more almost half of organizations are planning on increasing their spending on video. But, at the same time B2B marketers are facing problems in delivering provable ROI for those efforts. B2B marketers are also challenged in getting organizational buy-in, with 23% stating that video is not being prioritized in their organizations. These two findings are likely linked. As B2B marketers can provide greater evidence of the benefits of video for content marketing, there should be increased allocation of budget and support for video marketing.

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