Bold Content How To Use Unboxing Videos This Christmas To Market Your Products

We all remember the giddy childhood experience of waking up on Christmas morning with the expectation of all of those presents under the Christmas tree to unwrap. While the contents of those parcels may have been the main attraction, the act of unwrapping them was a close second.

The joy of unwrapping a new purchase has taken on a distinctly 21st century with the booming popularity of “unboxing videos”. These YouTube videos allow viewers to see what it is like to unwrap the package and experience using the product for the first time.

Unboxing videos are no little quirky corner of YouTube either. These videos are extremely popular. According to a Google Consumer Survey 1 in 5 people have watched an unboxing video. A quick search for “Unboxing Videos” on YouTube also reveals the popularity of this format. As of December 2015 there were 25.6 million results on YouTube for “Unboxing Videos”. In 2014 the Wall Street Journal stated that according to a report by analytics Zefr unboxing videos have to date received an incredible 10.3 billion views.

With the Christmas season upon us once again brands should consider how they can position themselves to take advantage of the popularity of these types of web videos.

The reasons behind unboxing videos popularity

The popularity of unboxing videos surprises many people. Afterall, the act of unwrapping a parcel seems like quite a quotidian task. However, as the example of Christmas morning above illustrates, these videos tap into deep rooted psychological drives of the viewer. These videos take the excitement of receiving and opening a new package and capture it on vide. But, the reasons for the success of unboxing videos go beyond merely a vicarious thrill of receiving a new prized possession. They also help consumers learn more about new products that have come onto the market from an unbiased third party. Video provides a fantastic way to see the different features of the product. The unboxer can describe in detail the way that a product looks and feels to the audience at home.

Christmas is the best time to leverage the unboxing trend

If you are planning on using unboxing videos as part of your marketing strategy then Christmas is the ideal time to get started. It is no surprise that the Christmas is the peak time for people to want to watch and consume content around products. According to the same Google Consumer Survey mentioned earlier in the November to December quarter views of unboxing videos are 1.5x higher than at other times of the year.

Unboxing videos are popular across categories

You might think that your product is not suited to “unboxing” but you you are probably mistaken. The interest in unboxing videos goes beyond tech related products. Unboxing videos are extremely popular across a broad range of categories. Some of the most popular unboxing categories include mobile, fashion, food & drink and toys.

Different types of unboxing videos

Given the huge number of unboxing videos that are created each year it should come as no surprise that there is a range of different sub-categories within this larger niche. If you are thinking of using unboxing videos as part of your marketing strategy you should consider if your product fits within one of the sub-niches.

Luxury Unboxing

Luxury unboxing is one of the most popular forms of unboxing. Luxury unboxing holds the appeal of rare, highly valuable items that the viewer may not be able to acquire for themselves in real life but can enjoy vicariously through the internet. Anyone who has purchased a luxury product knows that a large part of the appeal is the elaborate packaging and wrapping that these valuable items are inclosed in. Luxury brands take a lot of care in ensuring that their products are suitable well enclosed. Luxury unwrappers take as much care when it comes time to unwrapping them.

Tech Unboxing

Tech was the first product category which received the unboxing treatment and it still remains king when it comes to unboxing. There is virtually no major (or even minor) new tech product release which doesn’t receive it’s own unboxing video. Tech manufacturers consequently need to take what is happening in the unboxing space as it can have a significant impact on sales.

Unboxing parodies

Like any uber popular category of YouTube videos unboxing videos have also attracted their fair share of parodies. Brands have also realized that parodies are something that they can leverage in order to get more exposure for their products.

This unboxing video for Samsung Omnia i900 includes everything up to including a brass band:

How to use unboxing videos to promote your products

One of the keys to a successful unboxing video is authenticity. That’s why it’s important to get your product to the right unboxing channels in your niche. Collaborating with the right influencers is critical because these YouTuber channels already have large established audiences and trust with their viewers. Get the right influencer to unbox your product and you gain not only exposure for your product but also increased credibility with your prospective customers if they like what they see.

Putting your product in the hands of your influencer isn’t the only way that you can leverage the unboxing trend. IKEA does an excellent job of parodying the whole unboxing trend with it’s “Experience the power of a BookBook” (and attracted more than 18 million views) in the process.

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