Bold Content 2/3 Of UK Online Video Views Are On Mobile

Mobile has become the predominant way that online video is being consumed in the UK and Ireland. According to the Q3 Ooyala Global Video Index two thirds of online video plays in the UK and Ireland now take place on a tablet or mobile device. That’s well ahead of the global average of 45% for mobile video views. The preference for mobile viewing of online video has important implications for both content creators and video advertisers.

UK Leads Mobile Views In EuropeMobile Video Views

Great Britain and Ireland are outpacing even other European countries for mobile video viewing. Almost twice as many videos are viewed on portable devices in the UK compared to Sweden and France. In Germany and Spain mobile viewing is closer in line with the global average making up between 40 – 45% of views. Tablets are also significantly more popular in Great Britain than the rest of the world. Tablet views make up approximately 5% of all video views worldwide. In the UK that figure is almost double at 10%.

UK Inline With Global Trend Towards Mobile Viewing

UK may be outpacing other countries but the shift towards mobile video viewing is inline with the overall global trend. Since the Q3 2012 Oolya study, mobile video views have increased by 616%. In fact in just the last year mobile video views have increased by 50%. 88% of those views occur on smartphone and with tablets making up only 12%.

Length Is Dictating Viewing Devices

Viewers are showing a preference for different devices depending on the length of the video. Videos longer than thirty minutes are being predominately being viewed on Connected TV’s (CTVs) making up 61% of watch time. That’s almost double since the first quarter. For videos which are less than ten minutes mobile is the preferred device with 69% of time watched occurring on these.

Creating Video For A Mobile Audience

The preference of UK viewers towards mobile viewership is something that businesses using video marketing need to plan for. Some key things to consider when creating videos for mobile include:

* Mobile video watchers show a clear preference for shorter length videos.
* Clear visuals are essential for the smaller mobile screens.
* Sound quality needs to be high to compensate for noisy listening environments and lower quality headphones.
* Video advertisements may be played with sound off and so consider incorporating visual delivery of key messages.