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The Case for Vertical

We’ve previously discussed on our corporate blog how video is the new standard in marketing. Video advertising is everywhere: the television, computer, phones, tablets, billboards; the list goes on. Content creation is easy for even smaller businesses to take... Read More
Mobile Video Statistics For 2016


Mobile Video Statistics For 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

2016 is set to be the year when mobile becomes the predominant way people consume video. As the statistics below show mobile is on the cusp of overtaking over other forms of video consumption. The popularity of mobile video is not restricted to a single format either.... Read More
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2/3 Of UK Online Video Views Are On Mobile

Mobile has become the predominant way that online video is being consumed in the UK and Ireland. According to the Q3 Ooyala Global Video Index two thirds of online video plays in the UK and Ireland now take place on a tablet or mobile device. That’s well ahead... Read More