Bold Content Grow Your Audience on Personal or Corporate Blogs with These Videos

Just like with films, video blogs (‘vlogs’) also have a variety of genres. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of videos you can make for your personal or corporate blog. Keeping in mind that some of these vlog styles may seem incredibly casual, most can be altered tastefully to appeal to a more professional audience. Read on for these diverse vlog styles.

Travel Videos

First, we have the generic genre of travel video blogs. These are useful for people planning a trip, or anyone interested in a certain country/city /attraction, but are unable to travel. This is a great type of video to include on your corporate blog, particularly if your company has created a travel video, or if you have an employee that travels for work. If you don’t travel regularly enough to maintain a personal travel blog, a “recommendations of a local” type of channel is another sub-genre you could explore. This can help tourists gain an authentic experience while visiting your home country.


Food Videos

Food travel is a growing type of holiday, in which people holiday for the sole purpose of eating local cuisine. There are a variety of ways to go about video blogs featuring food. You could incorporate it into travel, for example, traveling to Italy to try the local cannoli. Similar to what we mentioned above with the ‘recommendations of a local’, you can also create food blogs about local restaurants. This can be done on your personal blog, or on a corporate blog–do you host company dinners often? Videos about food have great potential, and this is a wonderful avenue to use your creativity, and of course, try some great food.






Do-It-Yourself videos are popular for a number of reasons. Why pay for someone else to do something when you can just do it yourself? You can cover some great topics/hacks on personal vlogs, and corporate vlogs can cover tips and tricks to help with industry-related issues. This can help build your credibility, and also push your viewability.



Prank Videos

Most prank videos, admittedly, will not be tasteful for an office setting. These gain a large number of views on personal blogs, however.

If you have a more laid-back office culture, and you can prepare more wholesome pranks to play on your coworkers, than by all means, document this on your corporate blog. Just make sure the prank video will not hurt your potential client base.




Animal Videos

Documenting your pet on your personal blog can be wildly successful. Who doesn’t love puppies? This can also be translated to a corporate blog if you have an office pet. Just be sure to follow the same advice listed above, that such videos will not alienate your potential client base.




Book/Movie Reviews

This is another useful type of vlog that can be altered to fit a personal or corporate blog. Do you have any employees that enjoy reading or going to the movies? Have them film a little review. This can help drive traffic to your corporate website, and illustrate that you encourage interests outside the office.



Challenge Videos

Again, these are wildly popular videos that you can adapt for a personal or corporate blog. Do you have any office challenges, such as who can provide the best customer service, or complete a task the quickest? Videos like this on your corporate blog can illustrate company culture and entice a fun-loving employee base.





People enjoy watching short videos featuring something that may take hours. Does your company do anything lengthy that could be condensed into a timelapse? If so, you can document this and then write about the process that timelapse portrays.



Lists are another type of video common among personal video blogs. However, these can also be useful for corporate blogs. How about a video documenting the top 10 things to know about your company?




Wanderlust/Couple Goals

A very popular type of video among teenagers and young adults are pieces that represent free spirit and positive emotions. The ‘wanderlust’ and ‘couple goals’ video blogs have some traits that identify them as such. Some main features are uplifting music and beautiful filming locations (beaches and forests with lots of sunshine). More often than not, the hosts/featured couple are young and attractive.

On a more professional note, some great ideas for a corporate wanderlust video could be documenting a company trip/holiday, or if your employees travel for work.

Here’s an example of Alexis and Jay: this couple is a popular set of influencers that document their travels.



Extreme Sports Blog

This is another type of vlog that could be adapted to suite a corporate blog. Many daredevils film themselves participating in extreme sports that everyday people may not try (paragliding, sky-diving, bungee-jumping…) While this content makes a great personal blog, you can also slant it towards your company. Do you have any employees that participate in such sports? You could document how one would go about filming such videos, or how your employee stays healthy doing such things.