Film-Induced Tourism: Who Benefits from it?

Film-induced tourism is like Generation Z: independent and digitized – a product of the 21st century. Before the change of the millennium, the tourism industry was doing all right. Then 2001 came along and The Lord of the Rings happened. The number of visitors... Read More
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5 Innovative Shots To Transform Your Travel Video

The viewership for travel videos has doubled year over year, according to statistics published by YouTube. Why? Because video is the perfect way to promote a destination. Stunning visuals, exciting film-making and evocative audio can be combined to transport the... Read More
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5 Insights From Google To Help Plan Your Next Travel Video

Video is a fantastic way of selling the “dream” of travel. The mix of sound, visuals and text, make it uniquely effective at conveying what it feels like to travel. But video can also be used to deliver in a quick and compelling way the key information travellers need... Read More
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The Complete Guide To Creating A Successful Travel Video

More than half of all travellers watch online video, according to a recent study conducted by Google & Ipsos MediaCT. What’s more 61% of those who watch video do so to choose the location they will visit. For travel companies video should be an essential... Read More