Bold Content How To Create Advisory Video Content From Your Next Event

Hosting an event can require a significant investment of time, money and energy. To ensure that you are maximizing the impact of that event it’s a great idea to capture it on video. There are many types of footage that can be used as part of your event video(s) including: Audience at Event

  • Keynote speakers
  • Attendee testimonials
  • Promotional footage
  • Q & A panels

But one often overlooked opportunity is recording advisory content. High quality events attract equally high quality attendees. These industry experts time is often scarce. But, while attending an event these people are often more than willing to spend a few minutes imparting extremely helpful advice.

What is Advisory Content?

Advisory content is a broad term but in regards to the type of footage captured at an event it can be described as follows. It is a relatively short video segment (30 seconds to 3 minutes being typical) with an industry expert talking straight to camera answering questions posed by the production crew. This is frequently unplanned and usually begins with the production crew asking whether the industry expert can share a moment of their time.

What is the Purpose of Advisory Content?

Capturing attendee testimonials is a great way of promoting the event – and it is well worthwhile getting these on video as well – but this is not the purpose of advisory content. Advisory content is not about selling, it’s purpose is to provide actionable advice that people watching the video can implement to overcome challenges and achieve their desired outcomes.Asking for an interview for event video

What are the Benefits of Advisory Content?

Advisory content provides a great way of associating your event or brand with the person who is sharing their expertise in a way that does not appear obvert. Because advisory content isn’t salesy or promotional in nature people are likely to be much more comfortable with sharing on their social networks, especially if they identify or respect the person imparting the advice.

Advisory content isn’t just about creating brand awareness either. Customers who are at the early stages of the “buyer’s journey” will often be looking for general information rather than for a specific product. They may not yet be aware which product or services is suitable for solving their problem. They may not even have clearly identified their problem yet. Advisory content enables you to get in front of a prospective at a very early stage which can help present your brand as their preferred solution when they are ready to purchase.

Key Points About Advisory Content

  • This type of content is opportunistic and typically easy to capture making it an excellent addition to the more planned segments of your event video
  • It is focused on providing helpful hints and tips and should not be self promotional
  • It is ideal for improving brand awareness by positive association and content marketing