Bold Content 5 Great Examples Of 360 Degree Videos Used For Marketing

After having filmed a 360 degree video tour of Google’s offices this week we thought we would take a closer look at the medium which is rapidly growing in popularity.

There are countless 360 videos currently in circulation, a quick Youtube search yields some 59,000,000 results. Here we take a look at the best use of 360 in marketing campaigns.

Nike Hypervenom 2 – The Neymar Jr. Effect

Produced to promote The Hypervenom 2 football boots. This 360 video sees users step into the shoes of Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jnr, playing a match from his point of view.

Terminator Genisys – The YouTube Chronicles in 360

Released in four episodes, to promote the fifth instalment in The Terminator franchise. The first three episode see users play a resistance fighter trying to stop a Terminator sent back in time, the fourth episode is the same story from the Terminators point of view.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – Universal 360°Attractions

Created with a rig of six GoPro cameras, this video allows prospective customers to experience the thrill of one Universal Studios top attractions before they visit.

Red Bull – F1 360° Experience

This video went viral in June of this year, which lets viewers do a lap around the Circuit Park Zandvoort in the Netherlands, in the seat of 18-year-old Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen. It is hoped that future videos will be able to toggle between different cars on the same race.

Wimbledon 2015 & Stella Artois UK – Fly like Rufus

Much like 2015’s TV adverts, this 360 video follows the flight of Rufus the Hawk. Utilising drone technology, the film gives users a bird’s eye view of the matches and courts.