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5 YouTube Video Production Trends for 2018

  YouTube video production companies are heading towards a more techy and youthful approach to gain viewers and audience interaction. We’ll discuss five trends that you can apply to your YouTube strategy: Live-Streaming 360-Degree Video Multiple Devices... Read More
London on a bicycle 360 degree video


London On A Bicycle 360 Degree Video

We recently filmed the London segment of a multi-country VR video on behalf of Google for Entrepreneurs & VanMoof Bicycle. Our part required us to capture a 360 degree video of the streets of London on a bicycle. Capturing a good quality 360 degree video from a... Read More
360 Degree Video In Marketing


5 Great Examples Of 360 Degree Videos Used For Marketing

After having filmed a 360 degree video tour of Google’s offices this week we thought we would take a closer look at the medium which is rapidly growing in popularity. There are countless 360 videos currently in circulation, a quick Youtube search yields some... Read More
360 Degree Vs VR Video


360 Degree vs. Full VR – Pros And Cons

We have looked at both VR and 360 degree videos in great detail over the last few weeks. In this article we are game to set these two heavyweights against each other. We will look at the pros and cons of each and decide which one is the most advanced and the most... Read More
Beginners Guide To 360


A Beginner’s Guide To 360 Video

You can’t go anywhere in the video production or marketing industry today, without somebody mentioning 360 videos (not least on this blog). The word is being thrown around at every available chance, and is certainly the buzzword of the moment, that will show up in... Read More