Bold Content A User Review Of Vimeo’s New Review And Approval Tool

As a video production company we’re power users of Vimeo and absolutely love it. For many years we’ve been fans of the way Vimeo supports filmmakers and constantly improves the platform to add features and functionality.

Upon uploading a video today we noticed a new function on the review page. For Vimeo Pro users you can select whether to include a review page from your privacy settings. We often use this to send edits to clients as it removes all distractions and focusses the viewer on the job in hand… watching our video and giving us useful feedback. The latest addition to the platform will make that process much easier.

You can now ask clients and collaborators to click anywhere on a video to leave feedback. That feedback will have a timecode stamp on it and allows the client to tell you exactly the frame that they are referring to when they ask for a change.

For example, a video we recently produced for the digital currency platform Colu required multiple rounds of changes to phone screens to ensure we re using exactly the right version of their interface. Rather than sending us emails with lists of timecodes and their corresponding amends the client could have fed back simply by clicking on the video, thus pausing it, and adding a note relevant to that frame.

Vimeo Revew Timecode

Beyond that the client can also feedback on specific elements within the frame. For example a change of colour to a specific part of an on-screen graphic may be required.

Vimeo Review Timecode

A small white line in the progress bar shows where comments have been placed and users can click on a comment in the comments list on the right to jump from one comment to the next.

One suggested improvement would be if we could mark in and out points in the timeline so a user could, for example, highlight a whole section to be removed / worked upon but I imagine they have a roadmap to improve the tool over coming months.

Overall this is an awesome addition as the feedback tool will save the client time and make our lives as video producers much easier due to the increased level of clarity on requested revisions.

Great work Vimeo!