Bold Content The Benefits Of Live Streaming Your Next Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

Live streaming has boomed this year. Facebook and YouTube are both pushing live streaming hard. In fact, Facebook has publicly stated that Facebook Live videos are more likely to rank higher than other videos. This is really important for content creators because it means they can be more tactful with how and where their content is distributed and live streaming appears to be one of the strongest ways of sharing content. As well as

One of the most popular types of live videos is events. According to statistics from conferences and speakers are the second most popular type of live video content this is because many people watching were either unable to attend the event and watching from elsewhere or other people interested in the subject matters they are discussing.

Not everyone can attend conferences, seminars and launch parties in person, but using live video they can experience the event in real time. Using live video allows event hosts to open their event to a worldwide audience. Offering a live stream of an event can give potential attendees a taste of what the event is like and encourage them to attend subsequent events.

For brands being able to have their speeches, panels and presentations live stream is an added benefit. 79% of brands surveyed said that the ability to create a more authentic connection with audiences was the number of the benefit of live streaming an event which eventually leads to more sales, more audience interaction and increases brand awareness. It’s a great way to show the scope of a company, it can be used as a way of showing the capabilities of the company with a live audience or to show the employees.

Need more reasons why live streaming your next event is a great idea? Take a look at this infographic below to see the big benefits of live streaming an event. Benefits of Live Streaming an Event Infographic