Bold Content 7 Tips To Create A Revenue-Boosting Product Video

Product videos can sink or swim a new idea—whether you’re selling your first batch or asking for funding, you want to show off your invention in the best way possible.

Here are some tips to help you give your product the presentation it deserves:

Show, Don’t Tell

Weave a Story


Short and Sweet

Good Imagery

Consistent Branding

Show How it will Benefit Them

When introducing your product, show, don’t tell. Consumers are looking for something that can make their lives easier. What problem will your product solve? What does it do, and how does it do it? Does it entertain? How will it bring happiness to the customer’s life?

Tell a Story with the Product

The age of the basic infomercial is over. People want to be entertained—use your product video to tell the viewer a story. Consider this basic structure: protagonist has a problem, protagonist gets product, product makes protagonist’s life easier. Use this premise to evolve an interesting piece revolving around your product.

It may also be interesting to tell how the product came about. Is it a ‘green’ product? Does it appeal to a certain niche? Did the idea for your new invention come about when you were doing something interesting?

Put Some Personality into your Video

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Make your protagonist likable! Give them quirks and a personality—make them downright weird. Present this person so that they stand out to the viewer—it will make your video, and thus your product, more memorable.

Equally, consider ‘using yourself’ in your videos. Have you sacrificed your social life for your product? Did you take chances? What lengths did you go to in order to bring about your idea? This type of human interest will appeal to the viewer’s emotions and help keep them hooked on your video.

Don’t Talk their Ear Off

Keep it short, keep it simple: you’re not trying to make the next Christopher Nolan, after all. Give the audience the basics: your product name, what is does, and how it benefits them.

If you’re giving them background about yourself, use your time wisely. If you have a long story to tell, consider some kind of product video campaign—feature your product and tell a little more about yourself each time. This can help build your branding and also connect your viewers with the subject (yourself).

Stun Them With Visuals

You’ve worked hard to put together a product for your consumer base—show the audience how good it looks! When setting up your invention, keep lighting in mind. Avoid harsh shadows and dim lighting. Make sure your background stands out from your product (black on black will be difficult to see—get creative. Use a tripod! Shaky, handheld video will distract the viewer and look unprofessional.

Keep Your ‘Brand’ Consistent Across All Platforms

boost product video turnoverMaintaining a consistent look and feel for your advertisements can work wonders with having consumers remember you. Decide if you’d like to have a spokesperson/voice-over representative. Would you like to have a theme song? Do you want to utilise a mascot? And don’t forget to include your company’s logo!





Here’s a good example of a successful product video. Though it’s long, it includes all of the topics discussed above:

Though this promo video is about 4 times as long as we’d recommend, it does an excellent job of grabbing and maintaining the audience’s attention. The video spells out the benefits of the Freaker–no more sweaty bottles, and it fits everything! It tells the story of the inventor and founder in an entertaining and funny manner. Again, though the video is long, it’s split up into different segments in which the dialogue is to-the-point and clipped. It’s a visually pleasing, professionally-made video. If you visit this company’s website, you’ll see across their social medias they maintain a specific branding and feel throughout their marketing.

Overall, there are numerous things to keep in mind when preparing to make a product video. Introduce your product by showing how it will benefit the consumer—inject some personality into your storytelling, and keep it short and sweet. Consider your visuals carefully and develop your brand to fit your idea.