Bold Content Market Invoice: A Case Study


One of the toughest aspects of producing a corporate video is making it engaging. This project we did for MarketInvoice was no different–we ended up with a video we are really proud of. Here is how we overcame the stereotype of the testimonial video and created something the viewer can connect with.

MarketInvoice offers flexible solutions for both Business Loans and Invoice Financing. Our goal was to make a video that reflects how valuable these solutions are. MarketInvoice was also preparing a rebranding launch, and this video was intended to accompany it.

We were provided with a script that followed the growth story of Smith & Sinclair, one of MarketInvoice’s clients. Smith & Sinclair offers a range of edible cocktail products.

Our goal was to create a video that was fresh, story-driven, and visually dynamic. The challenge came with the video format: testimonials videos are rarely story-driven, and MarketInvoice requested something  that put the story of their client in the forefront. They wanted to present MarketInvoice as an easy-to-use partner that enabled Smith & Sinclair to transform their business.

We decided to feature Melanie, Smith & Sinclair’s co-founder. In order for the viewer to connect emotionally with Melanie, we approached the realities of business with an honest and open view. We did this by speaking to Melanie in a frank manner, asking about the difficulties and realities of entrepreneurialism in addition to the inspiring growth the brand has achieved.marketinvoice case study

To accompany the dialogue, we planned a visually aesthetic video that shows rather then tells the growth Smith & Sinclair went through.

Our plan was to feature numerous cutaways between our clips of Melanie. We had access to shoot at Smith & Sinclair’s production facility in south London, so we had an enormous variety of shots, documenting the production process from start to finish.

In terms of equipment, our director utilized the FS7 camera using mainly a 100 mm macro-lense. This was great for portrait shots, allowing us to film Melanie up-close while maintaining a sharp focus. Additionally, we used an A7S Mark-II with a 20 mm macro-lense. For our movement shots, we used a handheld gimbal to achieve a  dolly-esque look.

In post-production, we selected visuals that represented the growth MarketInvoice’s solutions provided to Smith & Sinclair. Our editor played around with speed ramping. This allowed us to show off some of the visually pleasing images, and increase viewer interest.  Finally, we finished with a polished colour grade.

MarketInvoice’s rebrand, new video content, and Out of Home campaign has been well-received with widespread PR and online engagement. Our video is now featured on their upgraded website.

You can watch the testimonial video below.