Bold Content The Key to Good PR: Debbie Zaman Founder of Withpr Explains at CMA Digital Breakfast [VIDEO]

Good public relations is the key to good marketing, but what is the key to good public relations? Debbie Zaman, the founder and managing director of Withpr, answered this question at a recent CMA Digital Breakfast.

Withpr is a business to business PR agency. According to Zaman, in order to have ‘good’ PR, you must understand the needs of journalists and their audience.


Good Content is the Key to Good PR

Withpr is an international agency that is founded on collaborative thinking. They see content through a journalistic lens; i.e. Withpr generates journalist-generated content. But why do they do this?

Zaman explains that more and more, what is written about in the news pertains to things that are popular online. When generating content, you must must remember that a journalist protects their readers. What is in it for the journalists’ audience? What is going to drive the journalist to write an article about your content?

The 6 C’s

Campaign objectives: must be aligned with marketing objectives, and marketing objectives must be aligned with commercial objectives. Commercial objectives must be aligned with what the business is trying to achieve.

Context: Look at what else is out there. What is your audience engaging with? Recognize what context your content is entering the world in.

Core messages: If you haven’t refined your core messages, you can’t develop something people will remember.

Connected: Content strategy. You need a strategy that works across multiple channels. Consistency across channels is important.

Creativity: Your content needs to say interesting things, and it also needs to be more than just opinion writing. Be critical of what thought-leadership looks like and what your content is delivering.

Coordination: your content needs to relate to each other. Connect your pieces of content.

Think Global

There are an even wider set of things to think about when taking your content international. For example, not everyone wants to hashtag in English. Finding that local context is important to connect with your audience. Just translating content isn’t enough. Local culture references and data is important for making content stick.

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