Bold Content 3 Video Post-Production Services That Transform The Quality Of Your Video


Even with the immense work that goes into preparing for a shoot, there is always improvements that can be made to your video in post. Here are our top three video post-production services that can add that extra ‘umph’ you need to really make your video stand out. We will discuss:

1. Colour-correction
2. Animation
3. Text Effects


Colour-correction is an often-forgotten aspect of film production. This is, in fact, a good thing—the best colour-correction will not be noticed. Even with professional lighting and camera equipment, you can’t always capture consistent (or desired) shades of light, which impacts the overall colour.

For example, you may be filming in multiple locations, or throughout a day. Every time you change location, the lighting situation will change. The sun may have moved, or you may have moved from tungsten lighting to fluorescent lighting. There are many things you can do to assist with these situations, but it is impossible to have 100% consistent lighting and colour throughout your film. Never fear–this can be amended in the video’s post-production.

This is where colour correction comes in. This typically happens after picture-lock. Here is an example of how colour correction can help your video:

post production

This is the original image. We shoot in LOG, which will cause our footage appear washed-out. Because of this flatter contrast, we are able to manipulate the image much more.


This image has been colour-corrected. The shades have been balanced to make the image much more ‘normal-looking’ and visually pleasing.



post production

Finally, this image has been colour-graded. This is a process undertaken after the image has been colour-corrected, to give the video a certain feel or look.



Animation is another fantastic video post-production service. It can help explain difficult concepts, or keep an info-heavy video engaging. Animation, when used in a strategic way with live-footage, can really make your video pop.

Here is a great example of a video we made with a combination of live-action and animation. While the ‘Mimadamos’ book trailer is a little more animation-heavy than most corporate videos will be, it is still a great example of the powerful effect animation can have:



Here is a further example of how animation can be used to explain concepts in your corporate video. This is another combination of animation and live-action. This animation is is much more ‘cartoon-like’ than CGI-based. This style keeps explanations simple and visually pleasing:


Text Effects

This is another aspect of video post-production that is often overlooked. Adding effects or animation to text is a great way to keep the viewer engaged. It can also help with branding, if you have designated text for your company. Text is another way to help explain a complex idea. It can also assist in really hitting-home with your takeaway points.

Here’s a good example of how animated text can add that extra complexity and personality to a video:



So, we have covered our top 3 video post-production services: colour-correction, animation, and text effects. Colour-correction adds continuity to your piece, and makes the video more visually-pleasing. Animation can be used in several different ways: to add to the visual impact of your video, to help explain a complex idea, or to add a narrative quality. In the same vein, text effects are an excellent way to make your video stand out and add interest to your video. These three services can each add quality to your corporate video, and when combined create top-notch post-production service.