Bold Content Our Favourite Ads of 2020

As our month of reflection continues… we look back at some of our favourite adverts from 2020.

A great advert makes us feel something. So we’ve chosen a few that are full of heart, and simply but effectively communicate their message.

We hope you enjoy our round up of our favourite commercials from around the world last year!



This moving advert by Kohl’s department really sums up that small acts of kindness can go a long way.



We love this upbeat ad by NatWest about saving money. Filled with good humour this advert effectively highlights their “MoneySense” education programme for schools.



A short and simple narrative raising awareness for vascular dementia and what a difference a donation of just £3 can make. The advert makes us realise that there are tons of ways to donate to charity and we can all do our bit.



A heartwarming story this Christmas by electronics company Bang & Olufsen about the power of music to bring families closer together.



In a year of wearing masks, this fun advert reminds us how much we communicate with our eyes. And we can’t help but smile!



Filled with festive cheer, this advert for Woodie’s DIY Store reminds us that it’s the little things we do for another that count.


Geico’s #BundlingMadeEasy commercial series are fun and anarchic. Their simple play on words make these adverts stand out as entertaining and a good reminder to protect your home.

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