Product Demonstration Video With Woman And Laptop


6 Benefits of Product Demo Videos (With 3 Case Studies)

“Show don’t sell” These three word neatly summarize the concept of consultative selling. Consultative selling was first coined in the 1970’s but it is really over the past decade it has entered the mainstream. The internet has empowered consumers with more information... Read More


The Inevitable Christmas Ad

The Inevitable Christmas Ad As soon as Halloween was over and the pumpkins thrown away, all our attention turned to what brands were releasing Christmas ads. From as early as 4 Nov our inboxes were flooded with aliens eating mince pies and light up jumpers (John Lewis... Read More
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Our Favourite Ads of 2020

As our month of reflection continues… we look back at some of our favourite adverts from 2020. A great advert makes us feel something. So we’ve chosen a few that are full of heart, and simply but effectively communicate their message. We hope you enjoy our round... Read More
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Trying New Things – Product Photography

As our month of reflection continues we look at trying product photography   In this job it’s easy to be pigeonholed as “those are the people who make that kind of video”, so it’s always nice when a client asks you to try something new! We were... Read More


How to Increase Audience Engagement

How to Increase Audience Engagement: Faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust Engagement. It’s one of those holistic and glorified terms that every marketer bombards you with. Audience engagement has been proved to significantly raise your ROI. But what is it and... Read More