Bold Content The Inevitable Christmas Ad

The Inevitable Christmas Ad

As soon as Halloween was over and the pumpkins thrown away, all our attention turned to what brands were releasing Christmas ads.

From as early as 4 Nov our inboxes were flooded with aliens eating mince pies and light up jumpers (John Lewis we’re looking at you, of course).

Here we look at some of the other brilliant Christmas Ads that are already getting us in the festive spirit.


Yesterday Amazon released their holiday offering, which featured some familiar places around London – especially the beginning which is filmed in Broadgate near Liverpool St station where we’ve filmed many times. We love the understated emotional performance and great selection of music, definitely gave us those festive feels.


After their misstep on the ‘One Coke Away From Each Other’ campaign, the marketing department at Coke have found their footing again and have played a blinder with this Christmas ad. This one really tugs at the heart strings!


For something a bit different, we love this entertaining Christmas ad from Lidl that’s wonderfully ironic and playful.


This year’s M&S Christmas ad places us right in the heart of a M&S Food Store with Percy himself coming to life! With a star cast and a bit of Christmas magic this Ad is a real family favourite.

TK Maxx

Is it really the holidays without a bit of sparkle and pizzazz?! TK Maxx celebrates who we are with this wonderful, slightly chaotic ad.

Sports Direct

With a star-studded cast of amazing sports personalities this ad is a real showstopper, and a good reminder of what brings us together at Christmas.

This festive ad from Dutch company is certainly an antidote to a saccharine overdose, and a welcome change this Christmas.


Delightfully brazen, we can all relate to Argos’ “Baubles to last year!” campaign and get on board with the excitement for a proper Christmas.


After another difficult year, we’ve loved seeing so much wholesomeness in these ads. Let’s keep sharing the love this holiday season!

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