Bold Content 6 Benefits of Product Demo Videos (With 3 Case Studies)

“Show don’t sell”

These three word neatly summarize the concept of consultative selling. Consultative selling was first coined in the 1970’s but it is really over the past decade it has entered the mainstream. The internet has empowered consumers with more information allowing them to make better informed decisions about the products that they purchase. As a consequence, comprehensively answering the questions that a prospective customer has about a product and making sure that it meets their needs has become an essential part of closing the sale. This is where product demo videos come in handy.

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Demonstration videos are ideal for showcasing your product to prospective and existing customers. Demo videos can take someone who is unfamiliar with your product walk them through how that product works and give them the information that they need to make a buying decision.

Below we’ll look at the benefits of using demo videos as part of your marketing strategy. We’ll also provide three examples of how we have used demonstration videos to help our clients better explain their products. Finally, we list some of the key things to consider when creating a demo video.

Key Benefits Of Product Demo Videos

Proof that the product does what it says

Consumers have become increasingly sceptical of the claims that are made in marketing. At the same time customers still want to find solutions which will help them to solve their problems and achieve their desired outcomes. Product demonstration videos are ideal because they provide a live demonstration that the product does in fact solve the customer’s problem. What’s more it show the prospect step by step how it solves that problem. By taking the prospect through this process they can actually see themselves using that product to achieve their desired outcome.

Explain the product’s key features and benefits

Demo videos provide a means to explain your products features and benefits in a way that doesn’t explicitly feel like selling. Throughout the demo you can show what makes your product unique. You can also showcase why specific features have included and how these simplify the process of solving your customer’s problem.

Save time and expense for sales reps

Add up the cost of a sales reps in term of salary, commission, travel, accommodation and other additional expenses and sending a sales rep to demo a product in person can be very expensive. If you are selling into foreign markets demonstrating a video in person may in fact be cost prohibitive. A product demo video allows you to share a video link with anyone in the world and allow them to see the product demonstrated at their convenience.

Introduce customers to new products using email

Product demonstration videos are a great way of introducing your existing clients to a new product that you are introducing to the market. Demo videos can quickly give them a sense of whether a product might be suitable for their needs. Because a product demonstration video doesn’t need to have explicit selling it also feels less intrusive than other forms of marketing.

Provide a blueprint for how to demo the product

Product demo videos are not necessarily a substitute for in-person selling but a tool to make it easier and more scalable. Product demo videos can also provide a very useful training tool for your sales team. When you create a product demo video you have an excellent example of how that product should be demonstrated. Your sales reps will understand how the product works, which key benefits need to be focused on, and at what point in the presentation they should be featured.

Use analytics to improve product demonstrations

When you host your video online you will have access to a wealth of data which can improve how you demo your product. Analytics can show you how long people on average people will watch your product demo video. This can give you a sense of the ideal length for your product video. You can also see if their are specific points where people are dropping off out of the video. These “duller” parts can be improved or removed to improve viewer engagement.

Examples of Product Demo Videos

Below you can see some specific examples of product demo videos that we have created for our clients. As you can see there is a wide range of creative possibilities for demo videos from live action, to animation to screenshots to explain how that product works and it’s key features and benefits.

MTI Case Study

Mobile Technologies (MTI) is a global provider of merchandising security solutions. For this demo video we filmed one of their technicians installing the MTI technology into a Vodafone stores.While the client originally wanted two longer videos, we advised them to create six short videos instead. Our own analytics have shown that these are a better length for keeping track of audience attention.

You can read a full case study of the MTI demo videos here.

GO Team App

Product demo videos can beyond simply explaining the key features of product but also create a sense of excitement which can help compel the prospect to want to buy the product. Events Planning company Blue Hat Group wanted to create a video for their new GoTeam app. This tablet based app allows its clients to create virtual treasure hunts which turn any environment into an exciting adventure. In this video we used 3D animation and motion graphic overlaid onto live action to provide an action driven demonstration with a feeling of technological sophistication.

GL assessment

GL Assessment develops software for the educational market. We helped create a series of videos to both market and demonstrate their new Baseline app which is used to assess learning levels for school entrants. For this video we did a side by side top down video of the video app being used on a tablet.

Planning Your Product Demonstration Video

When planning your product demonstration video there are few key points to consider:

Live demonstration vs. Storyboarding

Product demo videos can be carefully storyboarded so that each stage can be shown in sequence. The video can then be shot in studio or on location in a controlled environment with the opportunity for multiple takes. The second option is to capture a live demonstration of the video in front of a real life audience. Both approaches have their own advantages. A storyboarded demonstration in a studio allows for a high degree of control over the process. You can be sure that all of the points that you want demonstrated will be clearly explained in a sequence that makes sense. A live demonstration in front of an audience in contrast can feel more authentic and allows you to capture the reaction of the audience and any questions that they may have. This sense of authenticity can help to overcome any skepticism that the prospect watching the video might have.

Identify the goal of your product demo video

Ask yourself what is the key goal of your product demo video. Is the demo video primarily going to be used a training tool for sales reps or is it to introduce new clients to the product? This will affect which information is included and how it is presented to the viewer.

Who is the audience for your video

The audience for your video may affect how the information is presented. If you have a technically sophisticated audience of industry insiders then you may want your video to go into greater detail. In this scenario you want to make sure that you are not talking down to your audience. If the general public is your intended audience then you may want to use a top-level demonstration so that you don’t lose them with too much information. If you are selling to a younger audience you might want a more energetic and fast paced edit. For an older audience a more measured pace can be effective.

Where your video will be hosted

Most product demo videos will be hosted online. But will you demo video be available to the public through a video sharing platform like YouTube, or do you wish your product demo video to be only available to specific prospects through a private link? These choices can affect the format and length of the video that you create.

Product demonstration videos can be an extremely powerful tool for moving a prospective customer from browser to buyer. By making them comfortable with the product and overcoming scepticism about the results it can deliver, the selling process is made significantly easier.

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